How to Shine at the New Year Party

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It looks like it’s my tradition to write about apparel for a New Year eve, but I like it. And what I like more is to choose one. Last year it was gold dress and this year I decided to stick to this color and took alike. But this is not the color that attracts me, this is the dress itself!

simone tahari dress

Simone dress by Elie Tahari will be a perfect attire for any event. It is claimed to be of a fresca color but for me it’s gold. However it’s not shiny gold, but rather mat. I like it, not too obtrusive and perky. The cut is amazing. While the lower part is usual and tight-fitting, the upper is bizarre. Sophisticated simplicity would be the right description and womanish you will look in it.
Elie Tahari complemented Simone Dress with Giada Bootie of the same color but I think it would be nice to combine it with black bootie and clutch of the same color. Or if you are sick and tired of black you can opt for chocolate color.

giada bootie

By the way, this choice of Simone Dress perfectly corresponds with Elie Tahari’s view on clothing: “You might be making another year on the calendar, but brightness and light is what keeps you looking youthful and your mood elevated. Light and sparkle – all that comes from within, but what’s on the outside is a reflection of the inside”. Apparently, Simone Elie Tahari Dress can be a nice option then.

Be sparkling on New Year’s Eve!

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