Wearing Red

After I have came across the phrase ‘When in doubt, wear red’ I was musing over the meaning of a red color in clothing. And this is what I’ve found:

  • very many people like red clothing but only few dare to wear it;
  • this is a color of stubborn and bold people;
  • when you see someone dressed in red be aware there is a resolute, peppery, sometimes aggressive person in front of you;
  • primarily energetic and optimistic people opt for this color;
  • this is an ‘attractive color’ meaning that it attracts everybody’s attention so that it’s impossible to stay unnoticed.

At this point I decided to look through Elie Tahari’s collection to find out what this designer has on offer for buffs of this color. I’ve noticed that not much actually. I know that his styles are dainty yet quite restrict, probably the latter doesn’t imply eye-catchy palette. So, my findings are:

johanna blouse

Johanna Blouse, $248

francis knit

Francis Knit, $128

But an interesting discover is that there is a range of beautiful accessories of red color proposed by Elie Tahari as a nice complement to non-red style. So, if you are a fan of bright colors and you are ‘in doubt’ today, then this can be a nice chance for you to choose a red item to match your mood and style.

cadence handbag

Cadence Handbag, $298

samara tote

Samara Tote, $648

serena scarf

Serena Scarf, $188

felicity belt

Felicity Belt, $178

berklie necklace

Berklie Necklace, $298

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