Get Ready for Hot Tangerine Tango Year 2012!

What Color is Spring 2012?

Well, it’s a bit out of chronological order to write about autumn before mentioning anything about spring, but still I came across this interesting info just now and I’m hurrying to share it with you as soon as possible.

Do you remember my post about trendy colors of spring 2011? If not let me remind you that one of the most wearable color of this year was orange, which was seen in each clothing piece from footwear to accessories. Next year is going to be as bright as this one because it was announced that Tangerine Tango is the hottest hue next year!

Honeysuckle was officially declared to be the color of the year 2011 and orange was build on it, as actually Tangerine Tango is now. A saturated reddish color, Tangerine Tango is claimed to excite and energize, to encourage you to move on. According to experts at Pantone Color Institute, vivacious red is calmed by warm yellow creating dramatic yet seductive blend.

This sunny color will appear in spring/summer collections of such designers as Tommy Hilfiger, Adrienne Vittadini, Cynthia Steffe and surely Elie Tahari, whose latest collections are more youth-oriented and excessively colorful. Alongside clothing, ladies haunting for trendy style will surely wear this color on their lips, nails and eyes. It sounds a bit exotic, however tangerine eye shadow looks flattering when applied by women with green or blue eyes. Don’t worry if you have brown eyes and still eager to try such make up style ق€“ deep orange eye shadow will make your eyes look amberish.

If you don’t think you’ll love this color in clothes but still want to have it around you, then use it in your interior design by opting for bedpillows, curtains, tablecloth and whatnot. There is always the way to look (or have your home look) stylish!

These are some Tangerine outfits from Elie Tahari to match some Tahari dresses, though I’m hope to see new pieces soon:

Tahari suede tangerine shoes

Elie Tahari Lynette Suede and Metallic Leather

Tahari tangerine shoes

Janine Driver Shoes

Tahari tangerine sandals

Elie Tahari Dawn Pattent Leahter Espadrille

Tahari balerina flats

Elie Tahari Blythe Ballerina Flats

Tahari balerina

Elie Tahari Manuella Patent Leather Ballerina Shoes

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