Full Gear Elie Tahari Coat Sale!

Trigged off by Thanksgiving day, the sale from Elie Tahari is going strong and is not about to end very fast. You can find many items priced less than usual (about 20% off), but what I was impressed most of all is the coats!

Elie Tahari coats, as well as the rest of his designs, are of womanish, dainty, classy styles that won’t be out of fashion after one single season. The latter is very topical for customers like me, who aspire to look stylish without spending a whole fortune for that.

So, in keeping with the issue of sale I would like to share a pleasant news with you – Elie Tahari coats are 40 and more per cents cheaper today. What is more you can still choose a color you like and your size. Sale from Elie Tahari doesn’t mean there is only one coat left in stock.

Joanne coat is my favorite. It goes with a fox-fur trimmed collar and a thin leather belt at the waist. It looks very elegant, keen and, again, timeless. The color palette is limited, only three of them: snow white, black and honey maple. The last one is gorgeous! I like it best especially when the coat is coupled with Veronique gloves to match the belt color and walnut Winston Bootie. The price is quite affordable when on sale – $598 instead of $998.

Joanne coat_Elie Tahari

As I’m not a fan of animal-printed clothing, I should have omitted Beatrice coat, but I couldn’t. It really looks lovely and not “over printed”, as there are only sleeves made of fur, the rest part is of smooth black leather. As it was claimed, it makes a statement, and I think it does. It can be also bought on sale, but not as cheap as other coats – $1,198 is its price.

Beatrice coat_elie tahari

Here are some more coats from Elie Tahari that get me drooling (hope you too):

victoria coat from elie tahari

Victoria Coat, $418

jessica coat_elie tahari

Jessica coat, $436

Wish you always look stylish!

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