Scarf Makes You Warm and Cozy

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Now we are coming back to old traditions of wearing scarfs. Initially it was created to protect the wearer from cold and wind. Later after some experiments with colors and textures it became rather an accessory wearable both in winter and in hot summer. But this winter the scarves do aim to make you warm, at least those from Elie Tahari.

While some designers (like Oscar de la Renta) stick to bright prints and silk fabrics this season and others (Lacoste, Leowe) are prone to very long stoles that can be even worn under the belt for more convenience, Elie Tahari shifts his passion for fur to his scarves. So what you are going to find in his collection today is a range of amazing fur tippets.

betsy fox stole

Surely, each item is great but when you are on a limited budget the fur collar or capelet is the last thing you will think about. Starting from $298 for Mila Collar it skyrockets to $1,498 for Betsy Fox Stole. However the price is reasonable: first, this is natural fur, aimed to keep you warm regardless of the weather, and second it looks gorgeous! But if you do want to make your ensemble complete with the help of Elie Tahari scarf you can still do it. You can opt for his non-fur stoles. For example, mesh sequin Serena Scarf ($198) can be worn at work and at the same time can serve as an evening topper. It will add extra shininess to your entire look.

serena scarf

Do you know what can help to transfer your unpretentious tandem of jeans and a jumper into a bohemian outfit? Fringe scarves! They are in fashion this fall and can be found in the collections of such designers as DKNY, Haute, Jean Paul Gaultier, Massimo Rebecchi to name a few. If you decide on this fringe accessory in Tahari’s collection, you can even save a couple of dollars on Tamara Scarf which is now available for $100.

tamara scarf

Whatever your choice is I wish you look stylish and warm this winter!

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