Elie Tahari + Sassy City Chicks = Unforgettable Shopping Experience!

ُ؛؟Sassy City Chicks

It seems there is hardly an event in the field of fashion world without Elie Tahari being involved in. Just recently he alongside Jennifer Hudson presented his T-shirt specially designed to raise funds for the cancer research center. Not much time pasted since that time and voila ق€“ one of the most prominent fashion designers accompanied by fifty more gurus of fashion world assisted in creating a thrilling event known as the Sassy City Chicks fashion and beauty.

As you may guess these are girls who are crazy about fashion so this holiday was specifically devoted to them. They had a choice of $10 and $25 admission fee with the last being a VIP ticket where there were some goodies and a cute tote included. So after the visitors showed their tickets and were ready to rush inside the Peterson Automotive Museum in Mid-City Los Angeles, the first obstacle on their way to the dreams were… the cars! Yes, as the place location suggests there were various cars from chick classic to hi-tech modern. If you had been there you could feel your heart rhythmically ponding because of a loud music. This was the on-site DJ, who entertained the customers. After you enjoyed the automobiles and found the music pleasant then you could also get mini spa treatment ق€“ a pleasant addition to your shopping experience.

At last, the goal is right here ق€“ designer’s clothing, accessories, make-up, handbags and many more. The special guests were Elie Tahari, Tebi Jewels, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Free People, Splendid, Denimocracy to name the few. Thanks to Sassy City Chicks experience got from the previous years, even the most steady shopohilics need to take a break, so the administrators of this unbelievable event were concerned about their customers and served them complimentary cocktails to add some gloss to their eyes.

If you are a lucky resident of San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego, Dallas or Chicago you can also enjoy this crazy (in a good sense of if) fashion bash as Sassy City Chicks moved out due to its extreme popularity.

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