Fall 2011: Trendy Belts and Straps

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Fitted silhouettes are by far in fashion this fall, and most likely this tendency will be extended. There is hardly any other better accessory used to underline lady’s curves as belts and straps, and this season they are of a great importance. What is more they are compatible with nearly any base, whether it is an Elie Tahari dress or a coat. It seems it looks weird not wearing a belt today.

You should take into account that a belt is above all a nice, little addition to your image but not the spot that draws the whole attention. It is not recommended to put the one that will make you stand out. In most cases, at least this season, you know it may change in time, the belt should match the color of the outfits it is worn with or comply with the harmony. It is better to leave the idea of wearing a green belt against lilac clothing or a red one against sunny-yellow base. It’s out of fashion today.

If you are a fashion monger and you have already seen the models of the world’s leading designers, then you won’t have difficulties in finding out whether narrow or wide belts are appreciated this fall. Conservative style! It means narrow straps with only some exceptions like that of Louis Vuitton, who does like wide girdles and can go without them.

Neat belt or strap helps to make your ensemble complete, especially when it concerns a coat, cloak or a short fur coat. And you know already that fur is nearly always seen in each Elie Tahari collection.

Gloves is another detail to pay attention at. Long gloves are preferable this season. Elie Tahari as well as Prada recommends to wear almost elbow high gloves and combine them with a thin, delicate strap. But if you decide on short gloves, then you can opt for wider belt.

The last point to add to belts of 2011-2012 season is the material they are made of. Surely suede and leather are more preferable due to their combinability with nearly any fabrics and styles. They can be smooth or scaly, whatever you like. Plaited belts and those with ‘non-glamorous’ metal buckles intend to add kinda vintage charm to a wearer.

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