Elie Tahari And His Gorgeous Collection for Spring-Summer 2012


So, the next Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is in the past already but the impressions are so fresh,  the same as the whole Elie Tahari collection, which turns every lady towards the traditional femininity in its finest manifestation.

Restrained elegance that defines a woman’s wardrobe and deliberate lightness are embodied in breezy, almost transparent fabrics of white color, which is basic in Elie Tahari Spring-Summer Collection 2012. Amazing lightness and at the same time easement are seen in each detail: white elegant loose trousers with high waistline just like those in the 70th; jaunty, carelessly unbuttoned white shirts; longish tunics which can be perfectly combined with a pencil skirt as well as with jeans.

The versatility of Elie Tahari collection draws attention of women who crave for stylish and elegant look. Once you try it you will find you can’t part with it. Golden accents make any outfit look zesty and gorgeous without extras. While white color is dominating but you are not likely to opt for it or consider it to be not too practical, then you can choose among gray, blue sky and beige colors. No flashy colors, only restrained palette this time.

Footwear is fabulous too. Do you like sophisticated lacing? Then now you will find it terrific. The color palette is versatile to match the clothing. Overall, I’m deeply impressed with what was showcased by Tahari during the fashion show. And you?










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