Some Colors Of Autumn 2011

How many shades of gray you know? I can barely name some of them mostly pointing to its saturation like light gray or dark gray. But this fall is actually full of gray tints, as Karsky claimed in her interview “from pale dove to charcoal”.

As you can guess, gray is popular this season and Elie Tahari keeps up to date of course. Actually gray is not as feeble as you can think. It is compatible with many different colors including orange, lime, purple, raspberry and lots of other brights. In this regard you will look very stylish rather than gloomy wearing gray.

One of those ‘ageless’ outfits from Elie Tahari is Elie Tahari Ruby Sweater. ‘The blissful elegance of this sweater is sure to enhance any ensemble’ is the description used to represent it in the best way possible. Apparently, gray is a versatile color that can be worn anywhere from the office to night club.

But gray is not the only popular color of fall 2011. There is another option, quite opposite to it – plaid! It will be seen in the collections of many designers at the MBFW on September 15. Though tartan predominates in the collections from Burberry and some are seen in Mochino, but you will also find some plaid outfits among Elie Tahari collection. Well, it’s hard to say that plaid works good with any color, not with those bright pops as gray, but it is fabulous by itself.

Whatever ensemble you choose, I wish you look chick this season!

elie tahari ruby sweater

Elie Tahari Ruby Sweater

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