Saks’ Key To The Cure Campaign, Elie Tahari and Jennifer Hudson

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How would you combine these three:

  • Saks’ Key To The Cure campaign

  • Jennifer Hudson

  • Elie Tahari

Saks and Elie Tahari are compatible due to all those gorgeous clothing created by Israeli designer specially for Saks shop. But what about the Oscar winning actress?

The thing is there is a campaign being hold in fall this year aiming not only to raise funds but also community awareness for cancer issues. And Jennifer Hudson won the honor to promote the cause! This is the 13th event of this kind but the first with Hudson as a host. The idea is to advertise Elie Tahari T-shirt specially designed for the event the sales of which will go to the fund.

The launch of the campaign is planned on October 20. According to Stephe I. Sadove, a chief executive officer and the president of Saks, it will be a private cocktail party in NYC. Needless to say there will a number of celebrities and known people, but those who are not that lucky to visit the event will be able to see the pictures of Hudson wearing Elie Tahari T-shirt on the pages of known magazines or right here in the internet. In case you are willing to offer your mite, you can purchase a tee and facilitate the fundraising efforts. Two in one: a nice clothing and sharing a bit of charity. The outfit will be available at all Saks locations, and there are many of them, to make it convenient for customers to buy it. Of course, there is also an option to get a tee via the internet, but in this case one seems to lose a chance of touching, observing, feeling the rest of clothing from a know designer.

Just for a note: thanks to celebrities some funds managed to get more than $30 million during the campaign. Hope, this Saks’ campaign won’t be an exception.

P.S. Have you ever taken part in such kind of campaigns? Are you going to do it now?

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