How to Make Elie Tahari Necklace

Though it’s not a fresh news already, yet I couldn’t leave it up anyway. First, because I like outfits created by Elie Tahari, and second, because I like when I can save money but get a trendy thing. And this, to my mind, is a nice combination of both points.

If you are fond of doing any crafts by yourself, then you should have come across P.S. I Made This blog by Erica Domesek at least once. It seems there is no such a thing in the world Erica can’t make:) And she managed to recreate Elie Tahari beaded necklace right at home and share this secret with her readers. Great! The necklace is amazing, so if you are still about to make a statement this summer, then follow these steps to get a super trendy necklace:

Erica creating Elie Tahari necklace

Step 1. You will need a pair of scissors, some pony beads and black fabric. As for the fabric, it is recommended to take summer fabric, which is not too dense to let thread the beads easily.

Step 2. Then cut your fabric into strips of various lengths to give your necklace more glamor.

Step 3. Thread the beads onto the fabric, but have some fun while experimenting with spacing and beads color.

Step 4. String all your straps together.

Step 5. Your necklace is ready. You spent some time on making it, but now you will have much time to enjoy it, especially when you know you are the creator. Be a designer for a moment.

Step 6. Wear it!

Have a nice time of creating your own Elie Tahari beaded necklace.

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