Moroccan Inspired Elie Tahari Resort Collection 2012

The fact that Elie Tahari comes from the East has a beneficial effect on majority of his collections and Resort Collection 2012 is a prof for that. This time the renowned designer found inspiration in the culture of the Middle East ق€“ Morocco. Elements of the East are seen primarily in accessories: elegant white turbans, caftans and shoes with playful coins or a kind of plated tracery around the ankle. And the colors are so bright that it’s hard to omit them: deep blue, coral, golden yellow delicately combined with show-white and camel colors.

One can’t help but fall in love with any piece from this collection, where there are a lot of delightful outfits anyone would like to try on. What you see there is a perfect balance of colors, shapes and combinations of nice, rich clothes with amazing accessories. The collection is elegant and fresh, feminine and very comfortable.

My favorite piece (and not only mine I think) is a column dress with a breath-taking filigree embroidery and a high-thing slit. It’s very sensual and is perfect for the romantic evening when you can be a seducing princess at least for a while. It really looks like a royal attire. But seeing once is better than hearing twice, so enjoy the pictures:

Tahari resort_column dress

tahari resort 2012

Tahari resort 2012

Elie Tahari resort 2012

elie tahari resort

6 Tahari resort 2012

7 Tahari resort 2012

8 Tahari resort 2012

9 Tahari resort 2012

10 Tahari resort 2012

11 Tahari resort 2012

12 Tahari resort 2012

13 Tahari resort 2012

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