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Elie tahari shop

Guess where can you see a lot of people wearing Elie Tahari outfits? Right, in his boutique! On 27th of April this was a worthy occasion to meet plenty of such fashionistas in Washington on the opening event of Elie Tahari newest shop at Tysons Galleria. Washington is not Hollywood for ugly people any more and the opening party was just the beginning to prove that fact.

The most sold-out outfit of the event was Tahari popular sheath dress; three frocks were sold during the evening party, each went for $368. And the most happy customer in the Washington area is probably Amanda Linton, a government contractor, who is obviously a fan of Elie Tahari luxury clothing. Personally she wasn’t satisfied with those accessories and apparels by Tahari found in Saks or other department stores before the event, thus she expressed her sincere pleasure to both the designer and interviewers for the opportunity to buy the designer’s attire at first hand.

The opening event was also a good chance to get and donate a portion of the sales to THEARC, an art recreation campus known for assisting undeserved adults and children to reveal their talents or just teach anything from dancing to medicine. In fact, Elie Tahari is a known philanthropist and always donate money to different funds and this one is just the case.

This is a tendency for women in Washington (and not only actually) to dress more sexy and glamorous, as a result there are some other boutiques including AllSaints, Rag & Bone and Tory Burch that are scheduled to open later this year. Due to the fact that customers are becoming more sophisticated these days, there is a high need in luxury retails, thus Elie Tahari is not the only one to fill this niche as you see.

Elie Tahari (Tysons Galleria)
2001 International Drive
Washington, D.C.

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