What’s Your Favourite Jewelry?

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I don’t mean fine jewelry like colored diamonds that are, undoubtedly, awesome but rather expensive one. I’m speaking about designers’ jewelry, that is relatively affordable, so that you can spring for a couple of them to match if not each than a greater part of your outfits.

Here are some demands I have for jewelry:

  • it should be stylish and a bit eccentric to draw the attention;
  • yet it should be done in good taste;
  • it should be ‘universal’ to match various styles;
  • it should look richy for me to wear it like something very precious.

Looking for such a thing in Tahari’s collection, I managed to come across even three of them! First, this is an Antonella Necklace of classic color combination black and gold. What I like in Tahari jewelry most of all, is an unexpected blend of absolutely unmatched materials like brass and silk. At first thought it seems meaningless, but the effect is striking! Just have a look and get impressed:

Tahari Antonella Necklace

Elie Tahari Antonella Necklace: black and 14-karat gold-plated brass chains, 15” long with grosgrain ties on both sides.

tahari flora necklace

Elie Tahari black and white crystal beaded ‘Flora’ necklace deserves more attention. There are two black leather cords that are beaded by shiny black and white crystals. 16,5” loop looks glamorous and seems to turn a simple-looking style into a stunning one just in a minute. But I wonder whether it would lay flat around the neck or bulge on the back as I saw on one of the pictures. Still, I like it even though the price is biting – $448, but it’s possible to find it for $267 and save 40%.

Tahari Remy bracelet

And the last one I would like to share with you is Elie Tahari gold and crystal ‘Remy’ bracelet. It resembles a Flora necklace but it is much shiny due to sparkling crystals around the cord. The bracelet is 3/8” wide and 7” long with solid goldstone ends. I find in chick and would love to try on, it will surely go to my wish list.

And what jewelry do YOU like? Feel free to leave your comments.

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