Spring is … Orange!

Yeah, orange is in fashion this season and luxury designers seem to through off everything is dark, it concerns both clothes and crisis. Actually, the orange is not the sole trendy color, there is a rich palette of them. This season women are recommended to fill up their wardrobes with outfits of iris, viola, geranium, poppy and daffodil colors (named after flowers, probably, to keep you closer to the season), in brief, the ones bringing uplifting and exciting spring/summer cheer. If you think these colors are not enough bright for you, then you can opt for one from the tropical collection: solar, orange, uninhibited green, all tints of red from light pink to deep purple, brown and deep blue.

Do you know what is the contrasting color for orange? It’s blue! That is why orange is used for making highly visible objects, equipment and clothing. But fashion designers also take benefit from this contrasting combination. They often use it when they want to give accent to a particular detail on the clothing or the outfit itself.

Personally I like orange, and I had an idea of finding orange clothing among Elie Tahari collection to keep up to date. So, here we go:

elie tahari

Elie-Tahari blood orange lori dress

Elie Tahari blood orange Lori dress

elie tahari halley techno

Elie Tahari Halley Techno dress


Elie Tahari Lindsay blouse

And some accessories to complement your orange ensemble:


Elie Tahari orange Rebecca tote

Tahari billie orange

Elie Tahari playful open-toe pumps

And what color would you prefer to wear this spring? Feel free to comment on this.

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