Elie Tahari at the Mersedes-Benz Fashion Week


Elie Tahari is a big surprise among modern designers: there is plenty of room for gorgeous clothes designs as well as for… makeup and hair style tips! Yeap, this is not a mistake, this is Elie Tahari who dictates fashion trends for this year’s fall season. The event he has chosen to declare his trends was undoubtedly one of the most expected show the Mersedes-Benz Fashion Week. So, briefly about the event.

First, the attire. Fall 2011 line promises to be very glamorous and dramatic at the same time, in comparison to Tahari’s pre-fall collection. Again black color prevails. It has already became classic color palette of Elie Tahari: dark gray, black and tanned brown, but he is a real cordon bleu in enlivening these gloomy shades. The combination of lace and chiffon adds a kind of lightness to outfits, whether it’s a blouse or a skirt. Animal prints, leather and fur are impressive accessions to the whole ensemble, where every detail merges into breathtaking combination you instantly fall in love with. Well, it seems the aim of Tahari was to create a sexy, luxurious image of a modern woman.


Second, the makeup. It was surely jaw-dropping and unexpected. While the entire accent was made on clothing, the makeup might have looked unapparent and unpretentious, however it couldn’t but drew the attention of the public. Subtle and exquisite, it is currently being discussed a lot. If you can’t afford to purchase all those trendy dresses and skirts, you can still look fascinating according to Elie Tahari. You will need the following: metallic eye shadow of champagne-pink applied up to your brows; pale pink blush and pale pink lipstick applied only on the central part of your lips.


Lastly, hair style tips from Elie Tahari. This autumn wear pulled-together smooth hair either you are heading for romantic dinner or to the office. Though simple, but smooth hair always looks win-win, so it’s just a nice chance to win the attention. Tahari’s models wore ponytails smoothed by Glimmer Shine. Well, it is not yet on the market, but you can use any styling cream to straighten your hair, the result is that matters a big deal.

Wish you look great!

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