Elie Tahari & Emmy Rossum “Emmy” Tote

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tahari_rossum emmy tote

Hey! Have you heard the news? There is a huge stir around Elie Tahari’s new handbag – “Emmy” Bucket bag. Actually, this bag is the result of collaboration between a renowned designer and a pop diva Emmy Rossum. For those who don’t know yet, Rossum is a great wearer of Elie Tahari’s trendy clothes and they are just good friends. So, considering their friendship and Emmy’s demands for the best-ever bag, they designed something new and fashionable.

“Emmy” bucket bag is made of soft leather decorated with cotton canvas. It features neatly textured front side, which look stylish and restrained at a time. The bag is available in six colors – black, white, tan, yellow, metallic and mushroom – to satisfy most demanding fashion lady. Also “Emmy” bag comes in four sizes, just to apply it to your ‘in-bag’ stuff. Looking rather chic and stylish, this bag is perfect for every day use. What I like most of all, is that it is a nice choice for both business ladies and lovers of casual style. As “Emmy” bag is created by woman and for women, the interior is the one you will surely appreciate: there is a range of various pockets neatly organized inside, so that it’s very convenient to sort your essential stuff.

Normally, you would like to know how much this tote costs. Here is the price: from $398 to $798.

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