How to Shine at the New Year Party

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It looks like it’s my tradition to write about apparel for a New Year eve, but I like it. And what I like more is to choose one. Last year it was gold dress and this year I decided to stick to this color and took alike. But this is not the color that attracts me, this is the dress itself! (more…)

Wearing Red

After I have came across the phrase ‘When in doubt, wear red’ I was musing over the meaning of a red color in clothing. And this is what I’ve found: (more…)

Get Ready for Hot Tangerine Tango Year 2012!

What Color is Spring 2012?

Well, it’s a bit out of chronological order to write about autumn before mentioning anything about spring, but still I came across this interesting info just now and I’m hurrying to share it with you as soon as possible.

Do you remember my post about trendy colors of spring 2011? If not let me remind you that one of the most wearable color of this year was orange, which was seen in each clothing piece from footwear to accessories. Next year is going to be as bright as this one because it was announced that Tangerine Tango is the hottest hue next year! (more…)

Get Ready for Fall 2012 with Elie Tahari

Tahari  pre-fall2012

It seems not long ago I was revolving around Elie Tahari pre-fall 2011 collection and then his viewing of fall trends, accessories, and colors. Though now it’s just a pre-Christmas time with all that hustle and bustle about the presents that plunge us in a stir of holiday gaiety, but this is not the reason for Elie Tahari to take a break. He has been working hard on putting all his brilliant ideas together in order to implement them in his new gorgeous Pre-Fall Collection 2012.