Full Gear Elie Tahari Coat Sale!

Trigged off by Thanksgiving day, the sale from Elie Tahari is going strong and is not about to end very fast. You can find many items priced less than usual (about 20% off), but what I was impressed most of all is the coats!

Elie Tahari coats, as well as the rest of his designs, are of womanish, dainty, classy styles that won’t be out of fashion after one single season. The latter is very topical for customers like me, who aspire to look stylish without spending a whole fortune for that.


Elie Tahari is Winning Texas Over

neiman marcus elie tahari dallas

Paris, Milan and New York are among leading fashion industry centers with lost of boutiques, fashion shows and fashion mongers prevailing. But there are also other places on the planet where people worship latest trends in fashion. You can hardly guess that I’m now talking about Texas!


Scarf Makes You Warm and Cozy

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ُ؛؟Now we are coming back to old traditions of wearing scarfs. Initially it was created to protect the wearer from cold and wind. Later after some experiments with colors and textures it became rather an accessory wearable both in winter and in hot summer. But this winter the scarves do aim to make you warm, at least those from Elie Tahari.

While some designers (like Oscar de la Renta) stick to bright prints and silk fabrics this season and others (Lacoste, Leowe) are prone to very long stoles that can be even worn under the belt for more convenience, Elie Tahari shifts his passion for fur to his scarves. So what you are going to find in his collection today is a range of amazing fur tippets.

betsy fox stole

Surely, each item is great but when you are on a limited budget the fur collar or capelet is the last thing you will think about. Starting from $298 for Mila Collar it skyrockets to $1,498 for Betsy Fox Stole. However the price is reasonable: first, this is natural fur, aimed to keep you warm regardless of the weather, and second it looks gorgeous! But if you do want to make your ensemble complete with the help of Elie Tahari scarf you can still do it. You can opt for his non-fur stoles. For example, mesh sequin Serena Scarf ($198) can be worn at work and at the same time can serve as an evening topper. It will add extra shininess to your entire look.

serena scarf

Do you know what can help to transfer your unpretentious tandem of jeans and a jumper into a bohemian outfit? Fringe scarves! They are in fashion this fall and can be found in the collections of such designers as DKNY, Haute, Jean Paul Gaultier, Massimo Rebecchi to name a few. If you decide on this fringe accessory in Tahari’s collection, you can even save a couple of dollars on Tamara Scarf which is now available for $100.

tamara scarf

Whatever your choice is I wish you look stylish and warm this winter!

Elie Tahari + Sassy City Chicks = Unforgettable Shopping Experience!

ُ؛؟Sassy City Chicks

It seems there is hardly an event in the field of fashion world without Elie Tahari being involved in. Just recently he alongside Jennifer Hudson presented his T-shirt specially designed to raise funds for the cancer research center. Not much time pasted since that time and voila ق€“ one of the most prominent fashion designers accompanied by fifty more gurus of fashion world assisted in creating a thrilling event known as the Sassy City Chicks fashion and beauty.

As you may guess these are girls who are crazy about fashion so this holiday was specifically devoted to them. They had a choice of $10 and $25 admission fee with the last being a VIP ticket where there were some goodies and a cute tote included. So after the visitors showed their tickets and were ready to rush inside the Peterson Automotive Museum in Mid-City Los Angeles, the first obstacle on their way to the dreams were… the cars! Yes, as the place location suggests there were various cars from chick classic to hi-tech modern. If you had been there you could feel your heart rhythmically ponding because of a loud music. This was the on-site DJ, who entertained the customers. After you enjoyed the automobiles and found the music pleasant then you could also get mini spa treatment ق€“ a pleasant addition to your shopping experience.

At last, the goal is right here ق€“ designer’s clothing, accessories, make-up, handbags and many more. The special guests were Elie Tahari, Tebi Jewels, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Free People, Splendid, Denimocracy to name the few. Thanks to Sassy City Chicks experience got from the previous years, even the most steady shopohilics need to take a break, so the administrators of this unbelievable event were concerned about their customers and served them complimentary cocktails to add some gloss to their eyes.

If you are a lucky resident of San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego, Dallas or Chicago you can also enjoy this crazy (in a good sense of if) fashion bash as Sassy City Chicks moved out due to its extreme popularity.

Elie Tahari Skirts to Your Liking

If you are not like me and have to go to the office every day then you have to rack your brains over what to wear there. This may often be a daunting task. Just knowing that Elie Tahari worked hard to offer various skirts to meet your needs and tastes and that are perfect for everyday wear. Let’s have a closer look at them:

MAXImum Pleasure
You can’t imagine your life without your favorite maxi skits, can you? Fall is not the time to regret over warm days of summer, the season of maxi wear. The pleasant news is that floorlengh skirts are still in fashion only giving way to less bright colors such as terracotta, camel, country apple, brown, etc. In order to save the hem of your skirt from dust and snow you are recommended to opt for high-hilled footwear, especially if you choose Elie Tahari Meghan skirt of white color.

Tahari meghan maxi skirt

Tahari Tabatha maxi skirt

Classical Feminity: Pencil Skirts
Actually not only Elie Tahari offers a great rage of pencil skirts to wear, but there is also Donna Karan, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, Chloe and many other fashion designers who do think that pencil skirt is a must in each woman’s wardrobe. While it’s hard to improvise with pencil skirt’s cut, you can do this with its length, fabric and color. Believe me, this is more than enough to make a pencil skirt look amazing. One of my favorite Elie Tahari pencil skirts is Bennet all-over-lace skirt:
It is extremely elegant and feminine. I like it in snow white color and when it is coupled with Tahari Mischa boots.

Tahari Bennet lace skirt

If you don’t feel you want to wear solid colors this fall, you can choose printed pencil skirts like these ones:

Tahari julie skirt

Tahari julie skirt

Tahari bennet skirt 2

Fur & Leather
Those fashion-mongers who do like to wear dainty clothing can find leather pencil skirts and fur trimming appealing. Especially if you’re not limited by your budget because as you can guess such skirts can be rather expensive.

Tahari skirt

tahari julie leather skirt

Wish you to always look pretty!

P.S. To see more skirts click here.