Fall 2011: Trendy Belts and Straps

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Fitted silhouettes are by far in fashion this fall, and most likely this tendency will be extended. There is hardly any other better accessory used to underline lady’s curves as belts and straps, and this season they are of a great importance. What is more they are compatible with nearly any base, whether it is an Elie Tahari dress or a coat. It seems it looks weird not wearing a belt today.

You should take into account that a belt is above all a nice, little addition to your image but not the spot that draws the whole attention. It is not recommended to put the one that will make you stand out. In most cases, at least this season, you know it may change in time, the belt should match the color of the outfits it is worn with or comply with the harmony. It is better to leave the idea of wearing a green belt against lilac clothing or a red one against sunny-yellow base. It’s out of fashion today.

If you are a fashion monger and you have already seen the models of the world’s leading designers, then you won’t have difficulties in finding out whether narrow or wide belts are appreciated this fall. Conservative style! It means narrow straps with only some exceptions like that of Louis Vuitton, who does like wide girdles and can go without them.

Neat belt or strap helps to make your ensemble complete, especially when it concerns a coat, cloak or a short fur coat. And you know already that fur is nearly always seen in each Elie Tahari collection.

Gloves is another detail to pay attention at. Long gloves are preferable this season. Elie Tahari as well as Prada recommends to wear almost elbow high gloves and combine them with a thin, delicate strap. But if you decide on short gloves, then you can opt for wider belt.

The last point to add to belts of 2011-2012 season is the material they are made of. Surely suede and leather are more preferable due to their combinability with nearly any fabrics and styles. They can be smooth or scaly, whatever you like. Plaited belts and those with ‘non-glamorous’ metal buckles intend to add kinda vintage charm to a wearer.

Dress for Success

About a year ago I had a post devoted to Dress to Impress about the attire for special occasions. Actually, they are rear and mostly the urgent question is ‘what to wear to the office every day’ rather than ‘what to dress for a party a few times in a year’. So I decided to have this post about a dress you can wear to the work to suit to your everyday needs.

First, the demands:

  • see-through dresses are out of the list. They are intended to be worn late at night, or at least when you are about to seduce someone. A work place is not the one (I hope) you are going to practice your skills in luring your boss. What you have to showoff is your personality neatly hidden behind decent and stylish clothing.

  • a dress should underline your best parts (say, long legs or nice calves) and at the same time hide your flaws as much as it’s possible.

  • a dress should suit the occasion, in this case we are speaking about the office. I doubt that pink dresses like in Legally Beauty will have the same effect as they did in the movie. So say ‘yes’ to elegance and ‘no’ to loud-colored and flashy attires. (more…)

What to Expect From Elie Tahari: Part 2

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catherine malandrino

It’s not a sequel of a movie, though it sounds as it really is. It’s just the title I used to keep with the previous post: news about Elie Tahari’s plans and strategy rather than a review of his outfits.

The air is abuzz with rumors about Tahari’s intention to buy Catherine Malardino fashion brand. There is an assumption that the Malardino brand is struggling through hard times. It was noticed that this September New York Fashion Week passed without Catherine Malardino showing their models and designs. The brand is in a big trouble, so in order to make all ends meet Malardino is now in its way to sigh a deal with Elie Tahari. In his turn a Jewish fashion designer is known to run $500 million business and he is one of the most successful and sought-after fashion designers these days. With such a great amount of money he is prone to buy a small brand and save it from crash. In fact, it was claimed that ‘hard times’ are connected with finances, actually a lack of them, as far as it’s known Malardino was looking around for new investors.

This deal is a nice chance for Tahari, first, to help a friend (Catherine Malardino and Elie Tahari became close ones during the last year), and second, to get a fresh experience that will most likely be somehow reflected in his next collections. Anyway, I don’t think Elie Tahari will deviate from his initial course: to create feminine, sophisticated outfits to deliver a dainty, eye-catching look to a wearer.

What To Expect From Elie Tahari

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It’s not a secret, and it was not supposed to be, that Elie Tahari assumes great expectations on the role of accessories in his next collections. Tandy Brands Accessories, Inc. is going to help him in doing this.

I’m sure you know Tandy Brands, but in case you don’t (is there a person I wonder?) then this is a giant on the market of men’s, women’s and children’s accessories including belts and lot of leather-made goods. It is known to cooperate with a large number of brands now including Tahari.

This is what Elie Tahari thinks about working with Tandy Brands:
“We are delighted to partner with Tandy Brands on this exciting new addition to our accessories collection. Tandy Brands is a leader in the industry and we look forward to a very successful partnership.”

The new outfits are planned to be showcased in the second half of the next year. Though I consider Elie Tahari accessories are very nice (yet some are rather costly), now it looks like they will be even greater, hope more affordable.

And what are your vision of new Tahari accessories?