Autumn Merits From Elie Tahari (+video)

It is getting colder these days, the air is more frosty and fresh it’s now obvious that the fall is changing colors. Well, it’s just the time to change one’s clothes to match the season. So it’s a nice  chance to try on something from Elie Tahari Fall 2011 collection.

You know that Elie Tahari is one of fashion designers craving for making a woman look feminine and refined, so the method he offers this season is determined to let the woman look in her best. What is peculiar for the outwear of this season is unusual colors, maxi length (not very typical for outwear) and combination of leather and luxurious fur. Speaking of Elie Tahari he rejected the first tendency sticking to only solid colors, took the second and fabulously implemented the third one.

Color: Tahari’s outwear is snow white, black, saturated brown, dark gray and wine red. So, if you like strict feminine restrained style you will definitely find something from Tahari to wear, otherwise you have to opt for something say from Anna Sui collection, so bright and fabulous with unusual prints. (more…)

Elie Tahari And His Gorgeous Collection for Spring-Summer 2012


So, the next Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is in the past already but the impressions are so fresh,  the same as the whole Elie Tahari collection, which turns every lady towards the traditional femininity in its finest manifestation.

Restrained elegance that defines a woman’s wardrobe and deliberate lightness are embodied in breezy, almost transparent fabrics of white color, which is basic in Elie Tahari Spring-Summer Collection 2012. Amazing lightness and at the same time easement are seen in each detail: white elegant loose trousers with high waistline just like those in the 70th; jaunty, carelessly unbuttoned white shirts; longish tunics which can be perfectly combined with a pencil skirt as well as with jeans. (more…)

Wheel And Deal During New York Fashion Week

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Even though the Fashion Week lasts for only one week, but a holiday euphoria starts long before the main event. This week is going to be a freaky one with ‘stylish’ bicycles cycling around! Have you ever seen anything like this before? Personally I haven’t.

While high-fashion designers do utmost to impress the visitors during the fashion show by their fabulous designs, stunning fabrics, unexpected combinations and mixes of colors, some fashion designers still have some time for making fun. This time there are thirty designers including Betsey Johnson, Prabal Gurung, Diane Von Furstenberg and Elie Tahari. The idea is to promote the Fashion District and probably the eco-friendly means of transportation. Named “Tour de Fashion” all trendy bicycles will be at your service for free.

All of them are unique and stylish, some are freaky bright like one modified by Nanette Lepore, another one decorated by Rebecca Taylor is brilliant sparkling with crystals and this one is presented by Elie Tahari:


This is what Elie Tahari commended about his bicycle: “Bicycles have always been a part of my life! There is something very calming and peaceful about riding a bike and they are an efficient and energy saving mode of transportation. I’m thrilled to be taking one of my favorite pastimes and incorporating elements from our Spring 2012 collection into its design.”

Have a nice ride this week and share your experience with me!

Some Colors Of Autumn 2011

How many shades of gray you know? I can barely name some of them mostly pointing to its saturation like light gray or dark gray. But this fall is actually full of gray tints, as Karsky claimed in her interview “from pale dove to charcoal”.

As you can guess, gray is popular this season and Elie Tahari keeps up to date of course. Actually gray is not as feeble as you can think. It is compatible with many different colors including orange, lime, purple, raspberry and lots of other brights. In this regard you will look very stylish rather than gloomy wearing gray.

One of those ‘ageless’ outfits from Elie Tahari is Elie Tahari Ruby Sweater. ‘The blissful elegance of this sweater is sure to enhance any ensemble’ is the description used to represent it in the best way possible. Apparently, gray is a versatile color that can be worn anywhere from the office to night club.

But gray is not the only popular color of fall 2011. There is another option, quite opposite to it – plaid! It will be seen in the collections of many designers at the MBFW on September 15. Though tartan predominates in the collections from Burberry and some are seen in Mochino, but you will also find some plaid outfits among Elie Tahari collection. Well, it’s hard to say that plaid works good with any color, not with those bright pops as gray, but it is fabulous by itself.

Whatever ensemble you choose, I wish you look chick this season!

elie tahari ruby sweater

Elie Tahari Ruby Sweater