Chic Meredith Sandals By Elie Tahari

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Elie-tahari meredith sandals

Meredith suede wedge sandals is not just another item from Elie Tahari collection of footwear but a solid proof that shoes are an object of adoration in women. No doubt that such guru like Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin knows how to tempt ladies by their surpassing designs, sometimes rather extravagant but still lovable. With Elie Tahari this is a bit different tactics I should say. He doesn’t try to compete with them but to meet the needs of ladies first of all. Meredith suede sandals seem to satisfy the demands of many women this summer:

  • they are of classic design and are modern at the same way – successful combination of styles;

  • wedge heels – you can wear them from day to night not being too tired;

  • match any style either casual or official;

  • geometric cut-out design look sensual and fabulous;
  • are not too expensive and quite affordable – $298.

In a word, they will definitely make a statement to any clothing you choose to wear with them.

Saks’ Key To The Cure Campaign, Elie Tahari and Jennifer Hudson

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How would you combine these three:

  • Saks’ Key To The Cure campaign

  • Jennifer Hudson

  • Elie Tahari

Saks and Elie Tahari are compatible due to all those gorgeous clothing created by Israeli designer specially for Saks shop. But what about the Oscar winning actress?

The thing is there is a campaign being hold in fall this year aiming not only to raise funds but also community awareness for cancer issues. And Jennifer Hudson won the honor to promote the cause! This is the 13th event of this kind but the first with Hudson as a host. The idea is to advertise Elie Tahari T-shirt specially designed for the event the sales of which will go to the fund. (more…)

Shoes To Wear This Summer: Elie Tahari Footwear

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You have probably heard the expression “Fashion is fleeting – style is eternal”. It’s really hard to follow all those trends in fashion as they tend to change really fast, however you can still look stylish regardless of that tendency. It’s nice that designers always offer various styles to satisfy the needs and tastes of each customer, it concerns clothing as well as shoes.

This year there is a mix of styles for you to pick up the most appropriate one. The most popular material used for shoes this summer is satin and suede. Well, actually both variants are classy in a way, meaning that you will look up-to-date even next summer. But you should choose the type of shoes to respond your liking and you are able to select among:

  • high heels
  • ballet flats
  • pumps and peep toes

High heels are definitely the most beautiful shoes turned by many outstanding designers into a noticeable outfit. Aiming to make a woman look higher, more long-legged and taller, they however are mostly worn to special occasions rather than on an everyday basis. The thing is that alongside many pros stiletto shoes have also enough cons, like with years they can cause a number of diseases and unpleasant conditions. Yet, fashion-savvy women tend not to think about such things and opt for fashion rather than comfort. Can you remain indifferent to the following beauties:

Elie Tahari Colleen High heels (more…)

Elie Tahari’s View of Jackets

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The only thing I probably haven’t touched yet in this blog is Elie Tahari jackets. Sophisticated simplicity seems to be Elie Tahari’s credo for all his collections with jackets included. Though this is not the season for wearing this sort of outfit, yet summer is just the time to get ready for a colder season.

As for jackets, Tahari keeps his own scheme of success: simple but with a little touch. For example, many casual jackets are of solid colors mostly of white, brown, gray and black (however there are some of leopard prints), without flamboyant pockets but with a front tie instead of typical belt: simple yet dainty. Being the fan of minimalism, Tahari yet displayed his creativity on lapels. And not only he, but also some other distinguished high-end designers like Louis Vuitton and D&G opted for lapel details to get more vintage gloss of their jackets. Half sleeves and three-quarter long sleeves are also in fashion this season. Such jackets are nice to wear on a summer evening just to feel comfortable. What is more, casual Elie Tahari jackets are not long, not more than 25 inches long and can be a nice option to many sleeveless dresses, including Tahari dresses either (wink wink).

Tahari luciana tie waist jacketElie Tahari Luciana Tie-Waist Jacket $348 ($121 clearance sale) (more…)

Find the Difference: Theory Dress vs Tahari Dress

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I have found I’m falling in love with Tahari by Arthur S. Levine outfits. They are great to wear in the office, but with a little bit of creativity they can be also worn to the restaurant, black tie events or elsewhere. Tahari ASL clothes is classy and nice-looking, but the best thing I found in this line is the price tag. This is definitely an affordable clothing, judging from what I found.