How to Make Elie Tahari Necklace

Though it’s not a fresh news already, yet I couldn’t leave it up anyway. First, because I like outfits created by Elie Tahari, and second, because I like when I can save money but get a trendy thing. And this, to my mind, is a nice combination of both points.

If you are fond of doing any crafts by yourself, then you should have come across P.S. I Made This blog by Erica Domesek at least once. It seems there is no such a thing in the world Erica can’t make:) And she managed to recreate Elie Tahari beaded necklace right at home and share this secret with her readers. Great! The necklace is amazing, so if you are still about to make a statement this summer, then follow these steps to get a super trendy necklace:

Erica creating Elie Tahari necklace


Corporate Personnel: What to Wear to the Office?

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Even when the summer is in full blast with many fashion-mongers wearing bright showy attire and picking out trendy swimsuits, those working in the office should follow certain dress code. And there is usually a strict simple style women have to follow with little chance for fancy and improvisation with either fabrics or design. Oh, but it may seem to be a bit boring to wear such clothes, don’t you think? It could be actually but for a number of high-end fashion designers, who are doing utmost to create restricted yet stylish outfits for ladies in the office. Surely, Elie Tahari is one of them.

Actually, it’s not Elie Tahari line but Tahari Arthur S. Levine line. The latter was specifically created to make trendy clothes for corporate personnel, lawyers or other workers who are made to wear definite ‘uniform’. If when I’m describing this category of clients you jump back into yourself, then find some time to take a look at Tahari ASL separates to choose the one to look up alluringly and up to your demands. Here I showcased only some items of Tahari ASL but they are many in stores and through the internet. The most pleasant thing about them is that their price tags are affordable for each customer. Pair your strict dress with high hills or strappy sandals, accessories or a handbag corresponding your style, and you will look fascinating.

Tahari ASL Tinsley dressTahari ASL Tinsley dress (more…)

Looking for Less? Choose T Tahari Dress!

It sounds like I’m playfully speaking in rhyme, however I’m very serious saying this. Those who like high end clothes surely know the brand of Elie Tahari, whose attire is quieter than the woman to let reveal her real beauty. But the best thing about this brand is that it will satisfy each taste and, what is more, budget!

Thinking about his customers, Elie Tahari created several clothes lines: Elie Tahari, T Tahari and Tahari by Arthur S. Levine. Elie Tahari line is intended for more sophisticated women and features expensive fabrics and accessories, so that dress retail pricing runs in average from $350 to $600. And the price for jackets may run up to $1500. To make his clothing more affordable to women who are longing for fashion and style yet are on a tight budget, a Jewish designer launched T Tahari line specially for Macy’s in 2006, meaning that the outfits from this collections can be found only in these stores. Clothes from T Tahari line is of the similar quality but is made of cheaper fabrics that helps significantly low the price for any piece, with these included:



Summer is White This Year

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halle berry

Tastes differ and every person prefers the colors he/she likes. In fact, the clothes can say a lot about the person wearing it. The choice of color in clothes is very important the same as the style, it can make you look great or older, showcase your accomplishments or make your drawbacks evident.

One of the colors that are popular this summer is white. Though not too many outfits as those of pale brown or gold, white pieces were also presented by Elie Tahari in his spring/summer collection 2011 at NY Fashion Week. For example, snow-white pants of classic cut seems to be always trendy. They are a nice choice both for day wear as well as evening events. Moreover, as it turned out they are just perfect for Red Carpet events. Halle Berry is a proof for that. She was seen wearing white Roberto Cavalli pantsuit. Actually, there is a number of brand offering white suits this summer including Christian Dior, Nine West, Alex Marie, Kasper, Anne Klein and Elie Tahari of course. Tahari also offers white dresses and swimsuits for more dainty look. (more…)