2011 Summer Dresses: Trends, Colors and Fabrics

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elie tahari summer dress

Spring 2011 is in all swing and it’s just the time to get ready for the summer! This season seems to be the easiest to follow as there are a lot of options of designs, colors and fabrics to choose among.

Designs: this season you will look trendy when wearing asymmetrical and/or convertible attire. Convertible dresses let you have a variety of neckline and skirts options, making you look new every time. As for asymmetrical designs, one-shouldered dresses are sought-after this summer, they are just hijacked at stores by the fashionmongers. (more…)

Jewelry Made by Tahari

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ُ؛؟Tahari jewelry for T Tahari wear line

Do you know what is T Tahari? If it happened you don’t yet, then this is a women’s wear line designed by Elie Tahari exclusively for Macy’s, a known chain of stores. It means, there are some outfits that can be found only in these stores. In case this was not new information for you, THIS will surely be: Elie Tahari launches jewelry line for T Tahari, that will be available in fall at any Macy’s store! So now, apart from clothing there also be exclusive jewelry you will be able to purchase. Jewelry collection will include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and brooches with the price tags varying from $28 (for earrings) up to $300 (for necklaces). The materials used to create the jewelry are clear crystals and black diamond briolette-cut gems. All designs are not yet revealed, but it is know there will be hoops, tassels and linear drops silhouettes for earrings. Well, this is not the first Tahari experience of making jewelry actually, as for more than three years he has been creating some pieces to complement with his traditional collections of clothes. However, this is first time the luxury designer endevours to make it for T Tahari clothing.

Don’t Miss Amazing Tahari Sale!

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There is an excellent news for those fashionmongers who used to have a super trendy look at a low cost. If you don’t believe it’s possible, then you are completely wrong! Imagine sample and stock sale for up to 70% off offered by Elie Tahari. Starting from today till Saturday (4/12-4/16) you will have a chance to spring for knits, basics and wool zip-ups at a low price. It’s impossible to pass by 10 5th Ave at 43rd st on seeing price tags like $69 instead of $398 or just $150 instead of $500! These days prices for Elie Tahari outfits are falling down, so that you can opt for cheaper yet more fashionable clothing of top-notch quality.

If you are a lucky one to visit this grand sale, you can feel free to tease me with your new Tahari dress)

In Tahari from Head to Toe


I have already written about ‘Emmy’ bag designed by a renowned fashion designer for ق€“ and together with ق€“ his best friend and celebrity Emmy Rossum. It seems Emmy is always happy to present this womanish tote at any event and most recently she was seen in New York City some days ago.

In token of her love for Elie Tahari’s stylish clothing alongside his trendy accessories, Emmy was wearing only Tahari that night. She picked up a stunning gold Elie Tahari Francesca metallic pleated skirt and Elie Tahari Neely knit tank from his Spring 2011 collection, probably to inspire the rest of the visitors for choosing the right style (wink). To complement her smart clothes, Emmy opted for Tahari Olympia peep-toes and gold statement necklace. It looks like it is Tahari Sandy brass chains necklace, but I’m not sure. If you have more information about it, let me know.

And one more feature about Emmy tote: a certain portion of funds made from the sale of the tote will be donated to ‘Safe Horizon’, a charity organization. I think it’s a nice idea, that also teases the customers for making a purchase.

Manolo’s Advice for Spring Shoes 2011

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There is hardly a fashionista who has not at least heard about Manolo Blahnik, yet only few are lucky to wear his shoes. Manolo shoes are known for being very attractive, stylish and, unfortunately, incredibly expensive. Even the name ‘Manolo’ is often used by women like a slang word when they want to describe the above-mentioned pair of shoes.

So, if you think Manolo is a respective adviser for what shoes are better to be worn this season, then pay attention to his recent piece of advice for this spring:

Trendy wedges from Elie Tahari!

Actually, this is an advice Mr. Shoe-expert gave two young women while he was sitting in a cafe one day. He could not help noticing ugg boots on them. Yeah, Uggs are very warm to keep you comfortable in winter, but they are too sloppy and far from looking elegant. But if you are so looking forward to have a refined style this spring, start from the bottom: have a nice pair of shoes, that is Tahari wedges. Have a look at some models and price tags to choose the one for you:

Tahari robin wedgeElie Tahari Robin Wedges, $268.00 (more…)