More Attention to Men’s Spring Collection 2011 by Elie Tahari

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Much was said about Elie Tahari women attire, while I hardly mentioned anything about men’s outfits made by a renowned designer; but I should have as the whole Spring collection 2011 is worthy to be talked about.

Creating dashing collection for men, Elie Tahari drew inspiration in military styles. Military details are seen everywhere, in coats, jackets that are relaxed and silver-zipped, long shirts with selvage edged by blanket-like fabrics, cashmere sweaters with leather elbow patches and engineered stripes and slim pants. It is just to mention some. Oh, and of course stunning outwear pieces to satisfy bikers as well as man of fashion: fitted vests and bombers to complete your military collection.

According to Kobi Halperin, a creative director of the company, they aimed to spoil their customers. I think they succeeded one hundred percent! The style they chose is mostly characterized as โ€œcasual with chic easeโ€ with is good for everyday wear as well as for special events. I don’t think you will have problems where to wear it if you are lucky to own it.

Contrasting details (like leather details and blanket fabrics) seen in nearly each piece of clothes make it look exclusive, designed in a considered manner. The palette is predictable in a way with khaki, black, tobacco and charcoal colors. Men, enjoy your style and women’s attention, believe me you won’t lack both!

Elie Tahari mens_2011_spring (more…)

Elie Tahari and Other New Additions to Premium Outlet

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Cincinnati premium outlets

It’s impossible to go by a super trendy dress or skirt you see in a shop window, especially when you notice its ridiculously low price tag. These are outlet centers one can hardly pass by, including the one in Monroe, Ohio. There are new eight additions expected to the Cincinnati Premium Outlets with Elie Tahari included! Year, if you are a fan of womanish clothes designs with fabulous styles and fabrics, and all these at affordable price, if you live in Ohio in addition, then you have a double bonus because on May 16 Elie Tahari addition will be opened. There are also some other stores expected for this spring and summer, so there is a schedule for you to follow:

March 24 โ€“ True Religion

April 19 โ€“ Saucony, Sperry Top-Sider

April 22 โ€“ Cabi

There are other three shops โ€“ Talbots, Jos. A. Bank, Disney Store Outlet โ€“ but the precise date of opening is still unknown. Have a nice purchase this day and everyday!

What’s Your Favourite Jewelry?

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I don’t mean fine jewelry like colored diamonds that are, undoubtedly, awesome but rather expensive one. I’m speaking about designers’ jewelry, that is relatively affordable, so that you can spring for a couple of them to match if not each than a greater part of your outfits.

Here are some demands I have for jewelry:

  • it should be stylish and a bit eccentric to draw the attention;
  • yet it should be done in good taste;
  • it should be ‘universal’ to match various styles;
  • it should look richy for me to wear it like something very precious.

Looking for such a thing in Tahari’s collection, I managed to come across even three of them! First, this is an Antonella Necklace of classic color combination black and gold. What I like in Tahari jewelry most of all, is an unexpected blend of absolutely unmatched materials like brass and silk. At first thought it seems meaningless, but the effect is striking! Just have a look and get impressed:

Tahari Antonella Necklace (more…)

Spring is … Orange!

Yeah, orange is in fashion this season and luxury designers seem to through off everything is dark, it concerns both clothes and crisis. Actually, the orange is not the sole trendy color, there is a rich palette of them. This season women are recommended to fill up their wardrobes with outfits of iris, viola, geranium, poppy and daffodil colors (named after flowers, probably, to keep you closer to the season), in brief, the ones bringing uplifting and exciting spring/summer cheer. If you think these colors are not enough bright for you, then you can opt for one from the tropical collection: solar, orange, uninhibited green, all tints of red from light pink to deep purple, brown and deep blue. (more…)

Elie Tahari Daniella Dress Makes You Look Great

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While everyone is buzzing over Elie Tahari terrific runway debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011 and his jaw-dropping fall collection, there is still something fashionable, stylish and trendy we can wear this spring.


Elie Tahari Daniella dress will make you feel like a beautiful swan, as there are feathers on the hem of a dress. Rather unusual and not very typical for a dress to have feathers, but it seems to be very fabulous. The design is simple and sophisticated at the same time. The length is over the knee โ€” be ready to show your knees, girls โ€” the cut is boxy and seems to fit any figure either a slim or a plump one. What adds a real zest to a dress (apart from feather-like details of course) is its upper part. With ruffles on the top, the dress on the one hand visually enlarge your breast, but on the other hand makes a large one less evident. Daniella dress is of grey color and will match any color of your shoes or peep-toes. It’s an open-shoulder dress, so it won’t fit women with broad back as it will mainly underline this feature. Look charming this spring!

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