Elie Tahari at the Mersedes-Benz Fashion Week


Elie Tahari is a big surprise among modern designers: there is plenty of room for gorgeous clothes designs as well as for… makeup and hair style tips! Yeap, this is not a mistake, this is Elie Tahari who dictates fashion trends for this year’s fall season. The event he has chosen to declare his trends was undoubtedly one of the most expected show the Mersedes-Benz Fashion Week. So, briefly about the event.

First, the attire. Fall 2011 line promises to be very glamorous and dramatic at the same time, in comparison to Tahari’s pre-fall collection. Again black color prevails. It has already became classic color palette of Elie Tahari: dark gray, black and tanned brown, but he is a real cordon bleu in enlivening these gloomy shades. The combination of lace and chiffon adds a kind of lightness to outfits, whether it’s a blouse or a skirt. Animal prints, leather and fur are impressive accessions to the whole ensemble, where every detail merges into breathtaking combination you instantly fall in love with. Well, it seems the aim of Tahari was to create a sexy, luxurious image of a modern woman. (more…)

Elie Tahari Accessories at CIRCA Lounge

CIRCA lounge 2011

Elie Tahari, known for his womanish elegant clothes, is also appreciated for his stunning accessories that have been recently showcased by CIRCA lounge. Yeah, you are right, the same CIRCA that buys the previously owned fine jewelry. CIRCA lounge was open during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and featured designs of world-known fashion designers: Dennis Basso, Tory Burch, Vera Wang, Elie Tahari and some others. The outfits were not old or used, on the contrary, this was the collection of fall 2011 accessories, so there was a possibility to have a sneak peek at what we are going to expect this fall.

The organizers of the CIRCA event were Chris Del Gatto – what CIRCA show is without its chief executive officer – and IMG fashion consultant Stephanie Winston. They both decided to start the lounge by highlightning pieces from private collection of CIRCA, impressive as usual. (more…)

A Pair of Shoes for Your Valentine

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With Valentine’s Day approaching so fast, you’ve probably thought a lot about your dress or shoes to wear on this day. The way you dress speaks volumes about who you are and what you have in mind for the date. Therefore, you should follow your heart and make your choice wisely! Remember that gorgeous eye-catching shoes like Olympia Sandal from Elie Tahari may turn on the mind of any man and will make others envy.

If you are a young man, unleash your inner self and make your woman impress anyone around by wearing your romantic, elegant gift or two. Otherwise, you risk to get fiercely punished. Buy her a bunch of fragrant roses or a jumbo box of chocolate from Russel Stover. Accentuate her beauty and sexuality with a romantic dress or sexy, elegant shoes like Elie Tahari’s Olympia Sandal. All these gifts, or at least their wise selection, will make your woman feel special, confident and appreciated.

Elie Tahari Olympia Sandal

Elie Tahari’s Penthouse Deal

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Elie Tahari and Rory

A renowned luxury fashion designer, Elie Tahari is now famous not only for his $500 million business and the title of “the king of the jacket”, but also his real estate portfolio, which gives all the rights to call him “the king of real estate”. Until now, Mr. Tahari could never have a small piece of Manhattan, though big money was paid for it.

It was back in 1979, when the designer paid $325,000 for a penthouse at 860 Fifth Avenue. For all those decades to come, Elie Tahari had been looking for purchasing a two-bedroom penthouse across the hall, and it wasn’t until now, when he’s got this opportunity. In January 25, the designer bought his new fit for more than $4 million.

The purchase process wasn’t really smooth, and the Elie Tahari and his wife had a few obstacles on their way to a cherished apartment. In the last several years, Mr. Tahari had to start legal actions, when they almost prevented him from enlarging his unit and buying air rights to construct his immense home (roughly 4,000 square feet). He was lucky enough to buy his air rights for $2.5 million and paid $1.2 million to mend the roof. The construction is still in process ever since. (more…)

Elie Tahari & Emmy Rossum “Emmy” Tote

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tahari_rossum emmy tote

Hey! Have you heard the news? There is a huge stir around Elie Tahari’s new handbag – “Emmy” Bucket bag. Actually, this bag is the result of collaboration between a renowned designer and a pop diva Emmy Rossum. For those who don’t know yet, Rossum is a great wearer of Elie Tahari’s trendy clothes and they are just good friends. So, considering their friendship and Emmy’s demands for the best-ever bag, they designed something new and fashionable. (more…)

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