Fashion Trends of Upcoming Spring 2011

With coming of spring all fashion-minded people are in the state of expectation as all long for freedom of expression through the bright colors and light material. Are you the one following the latest trends? Then you should be ready for the new season in advance. Look through the fashion trends offered to you in spring 2011, which is close already!

Taking into account the changing nature of fashion, it can be quite challenging not to fall behind the times, but the diversity we are provided with let us choose the clothing that suits us perfectly.

To be more particular you can choose among the following trendy outfits:

1. White shirt is a staple of all times and returns to the wardrobe this season to provide the neat look and stylish appearance.

2. Romance of floral patterns will impart the freshness of spring to all the surroundings. No other print can look so playful and so feminine. Look at the collection of DKNY and Carolina Herrera to find inspiration of the coming warm season in them. You can discover some innocent sweetness in the models offered by Chanel and D&G. Elie Tahari’s floral dresses are nearly a trademark of this fashion designer.


3. Flared pants of the 70-s will become the key stylish element in 2011. Do not ignore this news if you desire to have a stylish sophisticated look this silhouette can provide for you. The elegance Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs offer is unsurpassed and is worth considering by every fashionista. (more…)

Perfect Combination: Tahari Gwen Print Dress and Tahari Madison Peeptoe Pumps

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For those who wish to look playful, romantic and dazzlingly beautiful, this nice summer/autumn mini dress will be just okay. The trendy designer Elie Tahari introduced a very feminine style for the next hot season: slim silhouette, pleated neckline, exposed back zip, short skirt – altogether, they make this dress a definite must-have. Short skirts go well in summer, so the dress length is only about 40″ from shoulder to hem. Prepare to show your legs, girls!

This designer dress can boast exquisitely sparkling looks with its floral pattern, available in carnation color, and matching sequins. Elie Tahari called it “Gwen Print Dress”. (more…)

Elie Tahari Beverly Tote: a Trendy Carryall

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The extremely popular designer Elie Tahari introduces the kind of a universal woman bag that will serve you right on your working day and be fashionable enough for you to indulge in the entertainments of the evening. This Beverly tote all-carry bag is a must-have for a young stylish woman, indeed!

Its woven texture associates with this Matelasse finish on the trendy Miu Miu bags of the last year’s collection, but, due to its dark denim material, it’s slightly less pompous. But it is not completely casual because of its aristocratic deep indigo shade – such color will be just right both on a business meeting, on a dinner in some mid-range restaurant, or in a club. (more…)

Wear Me: Straight Skirts by Elie Tahari

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Elie Tahari is known for his love to feminine and dainty clothes designs, the latter is normally associated with dresses and skirts rather than jeans and T-shirts. So, today I decided to go over Elie Tahari’s straight skirts.

A straight skirt is the one that falls straight from the hips. It can be of various length to fit each figure complementing its curves and hiding defects. For instance, this Elie Tahari Estelle skirt

Elie Tahari Estelle Skirt

will fit a tall curvy woman. This is a loose knee-long skirt with high waistline and decorative buttons on the front of the skirt. I like its neutral color, which can match any other color of a blouse even if it’s multi-colored or in bright prints. By the way, Susan Mayer was spotted wearing this very skirt (wow!)


Just a Short Congratulation and Pleasant Surprise from Elie Tahari

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Well, the holidays have passed already. The presents and scraps of wrapping paper are just the reminders of holiday rush and excitement, so pleasant and impressive. For many, Christmas and New Year celebrations were a nice opportunity to buy a desired and longed-for thing at a reasonable price, or even not just one thing but a range of. One of Elie Tahari’s boutiques has provided such an opportunity too. For a moment many women have got a chance to plunge into the atmosphere of a fairy tale and to feel like a real princess while trying on gorgeous dresses, light blouses, stylish skirts and comfortable (yet not crystal) shoes.
This is a first post I start this year with, so I can’t help writing a short congrat to you. I wish this new year gave you more options for achieving your laid-down plans, well, and never let the mood swings stop you from enjoying every day of your life.

Hope this is not the last pleasant surprise from Elie Tahari. Woot woot! I wish I had been there.