What Were You on Christmas Eve?

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I’m sure you had a wish list of presents you would like to have for Christmas. If you are a modern fashionista most likely you hunted for clothes, accessories and fashion jewelry of luxury designers such as Anna Sui, Christian Siriano, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Versace, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and others. Each of them is associated with a certain type of outfit, like it is really cool to travel with a rolling luggage from Louis Vuitton and to dazzle at any party being fabulous in a little black dress from Coco Chanel. Speaking about Elie Tahari (I’m a fan of, you know), the thing he is associated with is an affordable tag price, whether for his awesome shoes or marvelous clothes. So, naturally women have a great appeal for Tahari’s clothes, thus I can presuppose from this fact that a great number of American ladies wore his gorgeous dresses and shoes on Christmas eve this year.

I’m not a lucky one and I failed to wear Tahari shoe on Christmas, but if I were allowed to choose I would like to have these ones — Elie Tahari Suzanna Sandals.


These peep-toes come in three colors: old gold, classic black and pewter. All of them are gorgeous but the last is my favourite. These sandals will match all clothes style whether it is a pair of skinny jeans or a fabulous evening gown of nearly any color. What makes them special is a floral detail with a crystal center on a front leather part of the sandals. Also there is a wide ankle halter strap, which makes your leg look thinner. As for me, Suzanna Sandals are not “high” heels as the heel is only 4 1/2”, rather wearable to my mind. There are no shoe buckles, instead there is a zip on the back. It should be added they are made of Italian leather, I would say they should be durable. Their usual price is $498.000, but it is possible to buy them on sale for almost a half of a price, what makes them superb affordable! Love this pair of shoes. And you?

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