What are Your Perfect Winter Shoes?

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Do you have some demands and requirements concerning your winter footwear? I do have some:

  1. They should be on low heels in order not to be worry of walking even on snowy or ice-covered ground;
  2. They should be warm, either made of wool or with wool inside;
  3. Convenience is another substantial factor in choosing winter boots: they shouldn’t be too stiff or free, just right to fit the leg;
  4. Color — actually, I think that the colors correspond the seasons. Yellow is just perfect for summer; terracotta and mustard colors are great for autumn; bright green and blue will match spring; and grey with beige are nice for winter (these are the colors I prefer to wear, I would appreciate if you share your favourite palette with me);
  5. Style! Of course winter boots as well as any other shoes should be stylish;
  6. At last, they should be “buyable” with an affordable tag price value.

Tahari winter bootieI think this Tahari Travis-Titanio/Charcoal winter bootie could be classified as the perfect footwear. 3.75” heel is stable enough. They are warm and comfortable as they have woolen body. They are grey, what I think is great for winter. For those who consider grey to be too boring there are gorgeous glossy patent leather on the toe, back and heel. Speaking about the toe, it is gently narrowed what makes bootie looks rather feminine. The lace-up top features satin ribbon, which is very stylish but can be a bit slippery, however a double knot will be enough to get it in place. Overall, Travis-Titanio boots look gorgeous with all those smooth curves and woolen/leather combinations. And of course the price – $98.00. I like it!

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