Take Me for a Party Tonight

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While getting ready for a party the thing nearly every girl worries about is her attire. But there is such a little accessory that adds amazing charm to any clothing – a handbag.
The Elie Tahari Leslie Shoulder Bag will surely match any clothes style: it will add shine to an evening gown as well make a nice match to a pair of jeans and a blouse. What I like it for is:

  • classic style – classy things stay in fashion through years;
  • pleats – they are so soft and sweet and resemble feathers, not too rigid and stiff;
  • color – it is dark silver. I would call it unique as it matches mostly any other color of your clothing would it be green, violet, blue or even pink. It looks gorgeous when it stands out the blacks;
  • strap – tastes differ but I like a chain strap, especially when it agrees with the idea of the whole thing. Speaking about the Leslie Shoulder Bag, it looks like being made of metal and a chain is right the thing to be coupled with;
  • material – it is made of leather, rather wearproof and long-lasting material. In addition, a bag is pleasant to the touch, so soft and delicate;

Actually, Tahari Leslie Bag is available in black, so those who appreciate dark accents – rejoice! Naturally, you would like to know how much it costs. ‘Affordable’ wouldn’t be a right word to describe a price, still you will have to pay $498 for this shiny accessory, not too little however not to much if compared to Valentino or Chanel handbags.

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