Welcome to Elie Tahari’s Boutique at Tyson’s Galleria

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Elie Tahari Boutique

There can hardly be a person in the U.S. who has never heard about one of the most glamorous shopping centers like Tyson’s Galleria. Yeap, it’s a great luck to be the owner of a boutique there, and Elie Tahari seems to be a lucky one. It’s time to plan your shopping trip for February 2010 to visit Elie Tahari’s shop in Washington, DC.

I’m sure it will be the greatest shopping experience with collections of clothes for women and men, and gorgeous Tahari’s accessories. Moreover, it will be a real pleasure to take a stroll around the boutique with the interior designed by Nicoletta Canesi, a notorious Italian architect. Hope the interior won’t draw the entire attention to its beauty, it should be the clothes first of all.

The exterior is non the less attractive. Imagine a floor-to-ceiling glass and metal facade lined by black steel hang rails. Impressive! Overall Tahari can boast to have twenty boutiques in the United States. The one at Tyson’s Galleria will be number 21.

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