A Sneak Peek at Elie Tahari Pre-Fall Collection 2011

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If fall is your favorite season and you are likely to miss it already, then cheer up ق€” modern fashion designers do not waist their time, they are ready to lift the veil and show off their pre-fall collections for the next year.
It seems there are no other topic for discussion concerning fashion world as that about a pre-fall collections for 2011. So let’s have a sneak peet at Elie Tahari pre-fall collection.

Tahari designs are so classy and luxury at the same time that they deserve to be shown on the Red Carpet events. However this time Tahari has changed his focus a bit. The main accent of pre-fall collection is a strict, elegant and a bit formal style that is perfect for both business and every-day wardrobe.

Elie Tahari pre-fall 2011

At first sight Tahari collection is characterized by rather simple ensembles, but the main zest of next season is the ideally matched details. Just imagine a combination of a classic gray skirt with high waistline and roll-neck sweater, now add a gorgeous fur mantle and you will have perfectly matched outfits. Simple elegance! Pantsuits are even more elegant: a thing girdle to emphasize a waist-line and a long overlaid necklace.

Elei Tahari pre-fall 2011

And of course the colors! Mostly they are neutral like black, gray, cream and camel but they are dashed with fall hues including turquoise, mustard yellow and terracotta.
One more detail that is a hit for this season is the long gloves of fancy colors. While a dress or a suit can be of neutral colors, the gloves and handbags add a real splash to the whole attire.

Elie Tahari pre-fall 2011

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