Elie Tahari Mira Tote – a cherished handbag of many women

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Do you know what is to be a wanty person? It means anything you see you want it at once. I think every woman is going to become a wanty on seeing and touching Elie Tahari Mira Tote. This designer keeps creating great styles.

Mira Tote looks like it is pleated from pieces of leather and made in such a way that they resemble feathers. What I appreciate in bags is capaciousness and Mira Tone is right the bag to satisfy this demand perfectly. While it is rather large it is very lightweight. It’s a real pleasure to touch it – this handbag is incredibly soft. There are two ways (probably you find more, then please share it with me) you can hold this bag. As for me, I also like the idea to hold it handgrabbed like the models did during catwalk shows. However Mira Tote can be easily worn on a shoulder with a 11″ drop handle.


There are two large sections, one little pocket for a mobile phone and one zip pocket inside. It is good for those ladies who always have what to put inside for whom a mini version of a bag is not enough. A tote features lovely snap center closure. I like it in light brown but it also goes in classic black, grey and copper. Mira Tote will surely fit most of Tahari dresses and make a great addition to any ensemble.

Hope you are lucky to have one.

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