Golden Lady by Elie Tahari

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When it’s snowing outside and the weather is far from hot, there is still a desire to dream about warmer spring days. And what is the spring without new outfits! It’s impossible to remain indifferent to Elie Tahari spring collection, so bright and fabulous. Golden elements, luxury fabrics and gorgeous shoes are appealing to any women, making their mouths watering on imagining how beautiful they will be in all these attire.

Coming back to real time, you can still enjoy a little piece of spring while celebrating a New Year party. Elie Tahari is known for his womanish dresses and I’m sure you will find the one to match your occasion.

If you want to be bright and spring-like you are welcome to wear Elie Tahariโ€™s Malia Charmeuse sheath dress in cosmic berry for the party. It is rather festive and is perfect for those who like to stand out in the crowd. You will feel like a princess in this violet dress and the pleated neckline is the one to show off your nice shoulders.


In case you prefer animal prints you can choose Elie Tahari Britney dress with exotic leopard print. Not so bright but still very elegant, fashionable and comfortable. (more…)

What Were You on Christmas Eve?

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I’m sure you had a wish list of presents you would like to have for Christmas. If you are a modern fashionista most likely you hunted for clothes, accessories and fashion jewelry of luxury designers such as Anna Sui, Christian Siriano, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Versace, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and others. Each of them is associated with a certain type of outfit, like it is really cool to travel with a rolling luggage from Louis Vuitton and to dazzle at any party being fabulous in a little black dress from Coco Chanel. Speaking about Elie Tahari (I’m a fan of, you know), the thing he is associated with is an affordable tag price, whether for his awesome shoes or marvelous clothes. So, naturally women have a great appeal for Tahari’s clothes, thus I can presuppose from this fact that a great number of American ladies wore his gorgeous dresses and shoes on Christmas eve this year.

I’m not a lucky one and I failed to wear Tahari shoe on Christmas, but if I were allowed to choose I would like to have these ones โ€” Elie Tahari Suzanna Sandals.



What are Your Perfect Winter Shoes?

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Do you have some demands and requirements concerning your winter footwear? I do have some:

  1. They should be on low heels in order not to be worry of walking even on snowy or ice-covered ground;
  2. They should be warm, either made of wool or with wool inside;
  3. Convenience is another substantial factor in choosing winter boots: they shouldn’t be too stiff or free, just right to fit the leg;
  4. Color โ€” actually, I think that the colors correspond the seasons. Yellow is just perfect for summer; terracotta and mustard colors are great for autumn; bright green and blue will match spring; and grey with beige are nice for winter (these are the colors I prefer to wear, I would appreciate if you share your favourite palette with me);
  5. Style! Of course winter boots as well as any other shoes should be stylish;
  6. At last, they should be โ€œbuyableโ€ with an affordable tag price value.

Tahari winter bootie (more…)

Take Me for a Party Tonight

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While getting ready for a party the thing nearly every girl worries about is her attire. But there is such a little accessory that adds amazing charm to any clothing โ€“ a handbag.
The Elie Tahari Leslie Shoulder Bag will surely match any clothes style: it will add shine to an evening gown as well make a nice match to a pair of jeans and a blouse. What I like it for is:

  • classic style โ€“ classy things stay in fashion through years;
  • pleats โ€“ they are so soft and sweet and resemble feathers, not too rigid and stiff;
  • color โ€“ it is dark silver. I would call it unique as it matches mostly any other color of your clothing would it be green, violet, blue or even pink. It looks gorgeous when it stands out the blacks;
  • strap โ€“ tastes differ but I like a chain strap, especially when it agrees with the idea of the whole thing. Speaking about the Leslie Shoulder Bag, it looks like being made of metal and a chain is right the thing to be coupled with;
  • material โ€“ it is made of leather, rather wearproof and long-lasting material. In addition, a bag is pleasant to the touch, so soft and delicate;

Actually, Tahari Leslie Bag is available in black, so those who appreciate dark accents โ€“ rejoice! Naturally, you would like to know how much it costs. ‘Affordable’ wouldn’t be a right word to describe a price, still you will have to pay $498 for this shiny accessory, not too little however not to much if compared to Valentino or Chanel handbags.

Welcome to Elie Tahari’s Boutique at Tyson’s Galleria

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Elie Tahari Boutique

There can hardly be a person in the U.S. who has never heard about one of the most glamorous shopping centers like Tyson’s Galleria. Yeap, it’s a great luck to be the owner of a boutique there, and Elie Tahari seems to be a lucky one. It’s time to plan your shopping trip for February 2010 to visit Elie Tahari’s shop in Washington, DC.

I’m sure it will be the greatest shopping experience with collections of clothes for women and men, and gorgeous Tahari’s accessories. Moreover, it will be a real pleasure to take a stroll around the boutique with the interior designed by Nicoletta Canesi, a notorious Italian architect. Hope the interior won’t draw the entire attention to its beauty, it should be the clothes first of all.

The exterior is non the less attractive. Imagine a floor-to-ceiling glass and metal facade lined by black steel hang rails. Impressive! Overall Tahari can boast to have twenty boutiques in the United States. The one at Tyson’s Galleria will be number 21.

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