What Elie Tahari is About to Do Next is Rather Impressive

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The entire world of fashion held its breath and is looking forward to see the novelty from Elie Tahari. Yeah, we are expecting to see a line of women’s underwear created by world-known fashion designer!

After soaring success of his clothes collection, Tahari took shift to create the unique and currently very popular accessories – his recent participation on the Bloomingdale’s shopping bag campaign is a true vindication for that. Then Taharie’s shoes proved to be on the one hand fashionable and stylish, but on the other hand very comfortable. The latter determines rather high demand for Tahari’s shoes both by business ladies and modern fashionista. At last, Tahari didn’t stop at what he had accomplished thus now he has a solid intention to launch a line of lingerie.

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Some Facts I Like Most of All About Elie Tahari

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Some Facts I Like Most of All About Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari

Do you know that:

  • Tahari never wears ties. Instead he gives preference to comfortable outfits;
  • he has two kids and likes to put them in bed. He prefers to spend time with them rather than at the parties (so sweet);
  • he draws inspiration for clothes designs from watching anything he can see: people (Tahari known “Michelle” dress for the First Lady) as well as birds (Tahari’s Resort Collection 2011);
  • “Enchanted” girls were shopping in Elie Tahari’s boutique in NYC;
  • he has got the reputation of elegant yet urban clothing designer;
  • one of his favourite expressions is “Well done is better than well said”. He proves its validity by doing a great charity work. Annually Tahari used to donate percentage of his profit to various charity projects, his favourite ones are Friends of Akim-Jerusalem, Children of Chernobyl, and Spirituality for Kids;
  • Elie Tahari Ltd. is the most technologically advanced company where a person can order online any piece of clothes he/she wants to be sewn according to his/her measurements;
  • Tahari’s one must-have thing he can’t live without is his sneakers. Well, he is surely not one of those prim designers;
  • to describe Tahari the first word people usually say is “friendly”. I like friendly people.

What whould you add to this list? Have you got some interesting facts about this great designer? Please, share them with me.

Dress to Impress

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Eleie Tahari has enough evening dresses in his collection but the one that is sure bankable this season is Tahari Keaton dress in gold!

Tahari Keaton dress is the very dress that was a kind of a present on a “Gift guide: day five” on official blog of Elie Tahari website. Are you a lucky guy to win that dress and save nearly $600? It will be just great for the Christmas eve and for a New Year party.
Do you know what inspired Tahari to create it and the rest of the pieces from Tahari Resort Collection 2011? Exotic birds from Andrew Zuckerman’s photos. This is a nice slinky dress to be worn under amazing Tahari outerwear from the same collection. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Tahari Keaton Dress


Business Lady by Elie Tahari: Gray Roll Collar Dress

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Strict and stylish — these are probably the most appropriate words used to describe formal Tahari dresses. While a great part of women prefer to wear casual so to say easy-going clothes like jeans, sweaters and T-shirts, business ladies have to follow the rule and wear only definite type of clothes. It could seem a bit boring and monotonous but for Tahari dresses.

A dress I would like to wear in an office is Tahari by Arthur S. Levine Roll Collar Dress and I like it in gray. Though gray isn’t my favorite color but it looks lovely when it goes with contrast black pickstitching and a big button of the same color. Glossy button is the one that looks like a chick brooch and makes a dress look zestful.

Tahari Roll Collar Dress


Elie Tahari Mira Tote – a cherished handbag of many women

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Do you know what is to be a wanty person? It means anything you see you want it at once. I think every woman is going to become a wanty on seeing and touching Elie Tahari Mira Tote. This designer keeps creating great styles.

Mira Tote looks like it is pleated from pieces of leather and made in such a way that they resemble feathers. What I appreciate in bags is capaciousness and Mira Tone is right the bag to satisfy this demand perfectly. While it is rather large it is very lightweight. It’s a real pleasure to touch it – this handbag is incredibly soft. There are two ways (probably you find more, then please share it with me) you can hold this bag. As for me, I also like the idea to hold it handgrabbed like the models did during catwalk shows. However Mira Tote can be easily worn on a shoulder with a 11″ drop handle.


There are two large sections, one little pocket for a mobile phone and one zip pocket inside. It is good for those ladies who always have what to put inside for whom a mini version of a bag is not enough. A tote features lovely snap center closure. I like it in light brown but it also goes in classic black, grey and copper. Mira Tote will surely fit most of Tahari dresses and make a great addition to any ensemble.

Hope you are lucky to have one.

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