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ophelia dress frontFall is like the last warm step before cold winter but it doesn’t mean it should be dull and boring. To add some pops of color and elegance to it you can dress up brightly to underline beauty of yellow/burgundy/red leaves.

It’s really hard to find how Ophelia from Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” looked like but her name is normally associated with youth and beauty. Probably with that in mind Elie Tahari named one of his beautiful, extremely feminine and dainty dresses Ophelia Dress. This stunner is made of blue lace layed over a contrasting linght lining. The ham that is a bit longer than the lining is pleasantly flattering. A-line dresses looks good on nearly any body type. There’s a gentle fitted waist and a zip closure on the back. In fact, the dress is perfect not only to liven up fall days but to be worn during summer. Depending on what accessories you prefer to wear you can wear it anywhere: either to the office, or to a cocktail party.

ophelia dress back

To make your fall look finished there is a pair of fall-in-love-at-once Naila Bootie. They are absolutely amazing! A combination of suede, premium leather and mesh mix into luxury block style bootie. Back zip closure and stiletto heel will add to feminine silhouette. I dare say people will turn their heads once you pass by wearing this Elie Tahari dress and heels. Be a lady this fall, enjoy attracking attention. You deserve that!


Fabulous Elie Tahari Spring/Summer Collection 2015

After I enjoyed viewing Elie Tahari Spring/Summer 2015 Collection the feeling of deja vu didn’t leave me. The idea to have his models stand against a season-matching background — this is what Elie Tahari used for the second time but each time it looks fresh and classy (here’s how he used the benefits of entourage of his Fall/Winter 2014 Collection).

It’s hard to guess who inspired Elie Tahari on using wooden pallets for a background but they amazingly underline the atmosphere of an upcoming season and the beauty of the outfits. So briefly about the collection: (more…)

High-Tech Dress by Elie Tahari


There’s an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus global hysteria all around. Did you see those pictures from different parts of the world where there are so very long long queues of customers crowded in the streets waiting for a door opened? It seems Elie Tahari surrendered to influence of it as well. No, he is not hasting to buy a new iPhone device, rather to hang in onto a… dress? Yes! He is ready to present a high-end technological instead of traditional elegant and sophisticated dress made of iPhones. An unexpected turn of events from the Israeli designer.

Elie Tahari is obviously an iPhone fanatic. He made a dress out of Apple devices and presented it as one of the outfits from Elie Tahari Spring Collection 2015. Fifty smartphones pay tribute to the launch of iPhone 6. They are attached to technofabric, a fabric specifically created for this purpose. Well, the dress pretended to be a mix of fashion, art and technology, but in real life it looks quite weird.

What’s the Weather Like Today?


There is no bad weather, at least this is what British people really believe in. In the States the weather is not that wet and fast changeable, probably in few locations. But if there is a storm, Elie Tahari gives his fashion advices on how to look great regardless on wind and bad weather. Yeah, even the weather channel can prove that!

I’ve already mentioned about The Perfect Storm collection launched by Elie Tahari and aimed for Fall 2014. Here are some more details of it. During the morning show “AMHQ with Sam Champion” Elie Tahari revealed all his eight campaign images (August 11, 2014) on the roof of his office at 510 Fifth Avenue. Hilary Rhoda is as changeable as the weather on the pictures taken by Steven Klein. The island of Mistique where the photo session took place turned to be versatile: rolling waves, clouds and wind. It was a storm, a perfect storm.

As for the clothing, minimalist style is preferable this fall. Traditionally black, ivory and shades of blue perfectly match the season. Style is versatile, you can wear those pants, dresses, skirts and blouses to the office and then go right to night out in it. It sounds like you can save on that.


Hurry Up for Nordstrom Clearance Sale

No time to waste time, this is a Nordstrom sale where you can save up to 50% on clothing and accessories. You may think there’s no need to act in the heat of the moment and you’ll be wrong. The sizes are disappearing so fast that while you may be thinking over this or that dress both will be missing already. The sale lasts up to Sept 7th, yes there’s time to decide but be fast to choose.

Items are great, fall pieces are numerous, and there’s of course many offered by Elie Tahari. Here are some of my favorite picks:

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I found them here.

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