Go To Cozy Elie Tahari Outfit

For majority of women “cozy outfit” means pants and anything on top like a jumper, knits, T-shirt or blouse. But once you are to go for a date night it’s automatically means you have to ditch your super cozy clothing. No way! You can look pretty cozy even on your go out occasion. This is matchy pair of Elie Tahari pieces that fit day and night: Elie Tahari Silk Dash Blouse and Elie Tahari Azella Jeans. You can find both on saksfifthavenue.com.

elie-tahari-titanium-azella-skinny-jeans-product-2-13847399-258790796_large_flex EN0X5504_L6S_RA1_cut

Day version: opt for this clothing and jump into a pair of soft snickers or flats and take an oversized tote. You can also take a belt for a more sporty look. Night version: nothing is better for night out as high heels or pumps. Change your large handbag for a bold clutch, apply more mascara and reapply your deodorant and you are good to go!

P.S. You can check bloomingdales.com, neimanmarcus.com and polyvore.com for sale prices.

Thinking of Christmas Eve Dress

Pre-Christmas thrill is in full swing. In some houses X-mas trees are already set and decorated waiting for heap of presents to be hulked up underneath. Women are always those who are responsible for the choice of presents, at least in most cases. Everything should be packed and signed, it takes time and effort. Often little time’s left for a choice of a festive party dress, that is why it is recommended to start doing it beforehand to look stunning at the party.

Don’t know what your preferences are, but white is always a win-win option especially on Christmas. This is a family holiday associated with sweet, lovely and most closed people, to it would be great to match the occasion with an elegant dress. Elie Tahari Beverly Dress coupled with heels will make a statement. Blue ornament on the front part adds charm to a wearer. Fitting silhouette is going to underline shaped curves of your body. Price is $298.

  Elie Tahari beverly dress

In case you don’t like too much white but is likely to try on lace garment, then keep your eye on Elie Tahari Ophelia dress. It’s available in two colors: classic white and flattering blueberry. The last is gorgeous. The most pleasant thing about it is that you can buy it with 40% off! (more…)

Flirty Fringe

Fringe is the absolute fashion trend in 2015, which is used in both clothing and accessories. In fact, we used to see fringe on scarves, poncho and other outfits made in country, hippie and boho-chic styles but currently it migrates into an everyday fashion.

By the way, do you know the history of fringe? It was usual in costumes of native Americans aka Indians. They normally made it of soft leather, then cowboys borrowed that idea and used fringe in their attire. Later in 20s-30s of the 20th century fringe came back to fashion as a compensation for for lady’s short dresses. Now you can see it both on a floor-length dresses as well as on short tops.

Nearly every designer tried to apply fringe in his/her collection. Light, flowy, shimmering fringe used in dresses of Charleston era added much charm and luxury to a whole look. Designers of Marchesa and Badgley Mischka applied the same technique to their cocktail dresses. We can also see fringe on party dresses from Jil Sander and rock-style clothing from Jean Paul Gaultier. In Gucci’s sporty chic collection long fringe can be seen on bags and clutches. (more…)

Fall Inspiration and Sale Prices from T Tahari Dresses

Though it’s fall season there’s a tendency that women start craving for floral or bright abstract prints, probably in anticipation of a coming spring. Or such dresses cheer up lady’s spirit. Or there are other personal reasons for that but in any event women looks great in dresses with lovely prints on them.

T Tahari brand is a part of Elie Tahari branch oriented for a wider range of customers. A pleasant peculiarity of a brand is lower cost per item, though each piece made with the same scrutiny and elegance as Elie Tahari’s does. So if you work in the office with lots of clients and you need to look great every day you can pack your wardrobe with multitude of costumes, blouses and dresses from T Tahari. Here are some of my favorite for this season that you might also like: (more…)

What are Your Colors for Halloween 2014?

Apart from standard attributes for Halloween such as pumpkins, sweets, candles, web and whatnot, there’s also a costume or a look you shout care about. Do you want to look witchy attractive at the Halloween party? There are some looks from Elie Tahari you can opt for to turn heads.

 The first one is B&W look: stylish, classy and alluring. This look is versatile: white Helena Blouse with high-low hem and surprising zipper closure on the back combined with Roxanna leather slim pants. You can wear this mix to work once the party is over. Jump into high-heeled boots form more feminine slimmer look. When worn to the Halloween party the main accent should be paid to accessories. You can opt for orange-brown make up and a bright pumpkin pendant over the white blouse. Grab an orange clutch or make a spider like makeup to stun your friends.



The second is a gilded girl look, which is a bit more romantic and feminine. This is a skirt from Elie Tahari Spring 2012 Collection and it is still-up-to date. I love super feminine pieces that demands the occasion to be worn out. This is just the piece and just the occasion to give it a try. You can add some details to your look like a clutch, a party make up, high-heeled shoes but be sure if you don’t the skirt will still be a win-win piece to grab everyone’s attention. Shine like a star during the party!


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