Try. Buy. Donate. Elie Tahari Helps to Kick Off the Hamptons Classic

If there is the list of most charitable fashion designers then Elie Tahari would be in the top. I’ve written already about other events he hosted or took part in and after a little hiatus he again is helping to gather money for charity. This time he was helping animals, not humans. ASPCA was his target.

On August 22 Elie Tahari was involved in kicking off the Hamptons Classic, one if not the only largest horse show in the country. The hosts were Georgina Bloomberg, Stormy Byorum and Chad Leat, the guests were numerous. Along with cocktails served and friendly atmosphere the guests could please themselves with Elie Tahari clothing. They were additionally motivated to buy it knowing that 10% of all of the sale would be donated to the ASPCA.

P.S. Georgina Bloomberg was so beautiful in Elie Tahari Avery Dress, wasn’t she?

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Tyson Galleria is a Very Appealing Place for Visiting

Get ready for a great sale! If you live in McLean, Virginia, United States or you are planning to be there in a period between 6/27/2012 and 7/27/2012 beware, this is a good time for buying Elie Tahari clothing. Tyson Galleria is definitely a worth-to-visit location these days and there you will find many Elie Tahari styles on sale. The good thing about the sale is that you can save up to 50% (unfortunately not 70% as it was in spring), but the bad one is that only selected styles are at discount price. It means it will be a kind of disappointment if you like an outfit but it will be at full price. On the other hand, there can be a thing a half cheaper than it usually is, of your size and to your liking. So don’t miss this chance!

6/27/2012 – 7/27/2012
Store: Elie Tahari
Location: 2

Contact: (571) 765-3396

Be a VIP at Elie Tahari VIP Shopping Night

It’s not that difficult to feel and look like a VIP. What you need is a dazzling style, which by the way doesn’t presuppose spending lots of cash on very expensive clothing. Elie Tahari is one of the designers who does care about your style and wallet. Feminine and elegant you will look once you are dressed in the clothing designed by this talented person. And yes, you will also feel a VIP if you decide to visit Elie Tahari VIP shopping night on Thursday, June 21. (more…)

‘Last Call’ is Not the Last Concept Store to Visit

It can be hard to pass by the show window full of mannequins dressed in luxurious dresses. This can be even harder to resist the temptation of coming inside when you are looking for an exquisite dress for a special event. The only stopping factor is the price tag that is definitely bank breaking. There is still the way out for budget-minded customers ق€“ Last Call Studio by Neiman Marcus. (more…)

Elie Tahari is Winning Texas Over

neiman marcus elie tahari dallas

Paris, Milan and New York are among leading fashion industry centers with lost of boutiques, fashion shows and fashion mongers prevailing. But there are also other places on the planet where people worship latest trends in fashion. You can hardly guess that I’m now talking about Texas!


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