Wear Me: Straight Skirts by Elie Tahari

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Elie Tahari is known for his love to feminine and dainty clothes designs, the latter is normally associated with dresses and skirts rather than jeans and T-shirts. So, today I decided to go over Elie Tahari’s straight skirts.

A straight skirt is the one that falls straight from the hips. It can be of various length to fit each figure complementing its curves and hiding defects. For instance, this Elie Tahari Estelle skirt

Elie Tahari Estelle Skirt

will fit a tall curvy woman. This is a loose knee-long skirt with high waistline and decorative buttons on the front of the skirt. I like its neutral color, which can match any other color of a blouse even if it’s multi-colored or in bright prints. By the way, Susan Mayer was spotted wearing this very skirt (wow!)


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