What are Your Colors for Halloween 2014?

Apart from standard attributes for Halloween such as pumpkins, sweets, candles, web and whatnot, there’s also a costume or a look you shout care about. Do you want to look witchy attractive at the Halloween party? There are some looks from Elie Tahari you can opt for to turn heads.

 The first one is B&W look: stylish, classy and alluring. This look is versatile: white Helena Blouse with high-low hem and surprising zipper closure on the back combined with Roxanna leather slim pants. You can wear this mix to work once the party is over. Jump into high-heeled boots form more feminine slimmer look. When worn to the Halloween party the main accent should be paid to accessories. You can opt for orange-brown make up and a bright pumpkin pendant over the white blouse. Grab an orange clutch or make a spider like makeup to stun your friends.



The second is a gilded girl look, which is a bit more romantic and feminine. This is a skirt from Elie Tahari Spring 2012 Collection and it is still-up-to date. I love super feminine pieces that demands the occasion to be worn out. This is just the piece and just the occasion to give it a try. You can add some details to your look like a clutch, a party make up, high-heeled shoes but be sure if you don’t the skirt will still be a win-win piece to grab everyone’s attention. Shine like a star during the party!


Animal Prints Implemented in Elie Tahari Outfits

Animal prints can be seen in nearly each collection of various designers and though they can be hardly referred to wardrobe essentials but they are really the staple this year. Elie Tahari knows a lot about animal prints!

floral animal printed elie tahari skirt


Elie Tahari iPhone Application

No need to say what mobile phones were created for – communication, when you can always be in touch with your nearest and dearest wherever you are. But with an era of internet mobile phones seem to attain additional functions so that you can tweet on your way to work or exchange emails with your friend, what you can also do is … online shopping! (more…)

Hot Fall 2012!


The collection of Elie Tahari shown in New York proved to be the embodied femininity in its best colors and angles. Saturated colors, body-conscience silhouettes, smokey eyes and romantic hairstyles – these were the main characteristic features one could have noticed at his presentation. One more thing was the relaxed and cozy atmosphere, for that was not actually a classic runway fashion show, but a presentation in a large enlightened show-room. The models were standing still demonstrating the pieces of clothing. That was a fine solution for a prêt-a-porter collection because such way of demonstration lets the spectators scrutinize the details to their hearts’ content. (more…)

Elie Tahari Skirts to Your Liking

If you are not like me and have to go to the office every day then you have to rack your brains over what to wear there. This may often be a daunting task. Just knowing that Elie Tahari worked hard to offer various skirts to meet your needs and tastes and that are perfect for everyday wear. Let’s have a closer look at them:

MAXImum Pleasure
You can’t imagine your life without your favorite maxi skits, can you? Fall is not the time to regret over warm days of summer, the season of maxi wear. The pleasant news is that floorlengh skirts are still in fashion only giving way to less bright colors such as terracotta, camel, country apple, brown, etc. In order to save the hem of your skirt from dust and snow you are recommended to opt for high-hilled footwear, especially if you choose Elie Tahari Meghan skirt of white color.

Tahari meghan maxi skirt

Tahari Tabatha maxi skirt

Classical Feminity: Pencil Skirts
Actually not only Elie Tahari offers a great rage of pencil skirts to wear, but there is also Donna Karan, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, Chloe and many other fashion designers who do think that pencil skirt is a must in each woman’s wardrobe. While it’s hard to improvise with pencil skirt’s cut, you can do this with its length, fabric and color. Believe me, this is more than enough to make a pencil skirt look amazing. One of my favorite Elie Tahari pencil skirts is Bennet all-over-lace skirt:
It is extremely elegant and feminine. I like it in snow white color and when it is coupled with Tahari Mischa boots.

Tahari Bennet lace skirt

If you don’t feel you want to wear solid colors this fall, you can choose printed pencil skirts like these ones:

Tahari julie skirt

Tahari julie skirt

Tahari bennet skirt 2

Fur & Leather
Those fashion-mongers who do like to wear dainty clothing can find leather pencil skirts and fur trimming appealing. Especially if you’re not limited by your budget because as you can guess such skirts can be rather expensive.

Tahari skirt

tahari julie leather skirt

Wish you to always look pretty!

P.S. To see more skirts click here.

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