Elie Tahari: Creating Not-So-Basic Basics

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Forty years is a respectable age for a fashion brand and a milestone to celebrate it in a luxurious way. But shining gloss of superfine fabrics, delicate lace and brilliance of tinsels do not fit Elie Tahari taste and style. He treats luxury this own ‘basic’ way.

I’ve already mentioned that Elie Tahari decided to augment the assortment of products offered alongside the variety of styles. It seems the celebration of 40th anniversary is only the beginning of something great and the whole year is going to be full of pleasant surprises. First off, the Israeli designer will debut his own eyewear collection he had been thinking about long before. Then he promises to introduce men’s capsule collection, that is the best-selling items of all time. Tahari hasn’t omitted legs making them warm and comfortable with his new legwear collection that is to be launched very soon. Inspired by all that Tahari will also make underwear collection for men soon: boxers and brief boxers to men’s choice. (more…)

What Elie Tahari is About to Do Next is Rather Impressive

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The entire world of fashion held its breath and is looking forward to see the novelty from Elie Tahari. Yeah, we are expecting to see a line of women’s underwear created by world-known fashion designer!

After soaring success of his clothes collection, Tahari took shift to create the unique and currently very popular accessories ق€“ his recent participation on the Bloomingdale’s shopping bag campaign is a true vindication for that. Then Taharie’s shoes proved to be on the one hand fashionable and stylish, but on the other hand very comfortable. The latter determines rather high demand for Tahari’s shoes both by business ladies and modern fashionista. At last, Tahari didn’t stop at what he had accomplished thus now he has a solid intention to launch a line of lingerie.

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