Elie Tahari iPhone Application

No need to say what mobile phones were created for ق€“ communication, when you can always be in touch with your nearest and dearest wherever you are. But with an era of internet mobile phones seem to attain additional functions so that you can tweet on your way to work or exchange emails with your friend, what you can also do is … online shopping! (more…)

How to Make Elie Tahari Necklace

Though it’s not a fresh news already, yet I couldn’t leave it up anyway. First, because I like outfits created by Elie Tahari, and second, because I like when I can save money but get a trendy thing. And this, to my mind, is a nice combination of both points.

If you are fond of doing any crafts by yourself, then you should have come across P.S. I Made This blog by Erica Domesek at least once. It seems there is no such a thing in the world Erica can’t make:) And she managed to recreate Elie Tahari beaded necklace right at home and share this secret with her readers. Great! The necklace is amazing, so if you are still about to make a statement this summer, then follow these steps to get a super trendy necklace:

Erica creating Elie Tahari necklace


Jewelry Made by Tahari

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ُ؛؟Tahari jewelry for T Tahari wear line

Do you know what is T Tahari? If it happened you don’t yet, then this is a women’s wear line designed by Elie Tahari exclusively for Macy’s, a known chain of stores. It means, there are some outfits that can be found only in these stores. In case this was not new information for you, THIS will surely be: Elie Tahari launches jewelry line for T Tahari, that will be available in fall at any Macy’s store! So now, apart from clothing there also be exclusive jewelry you will be able to purchase. Jewelry collection will include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and brooches with the price tags varying from $28 (for earrings) up to $300 (for necklaces). The materials used to create the jewelry are clear crystals and black diamond briolette-cut gems. All designs are not yet revealed, but it is know there will be hoops, tassels and linear drops silhouettes for earrings. Well, this is not the first Tahari experience of making jewelry actually, as for more than three years he has been creating some pieces to complement with his traditional collections of clothes. However, this is first time the luxury designer endevours to make it for T Tahari clothing.

What’s Your Favourite Jewelry?

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I don’t mean fine jewelry like colored diamonds that are, undoubtedly, awesome but rather expensive one. I’m speaking about designers’ jewelry, that is relatively affordable, so that you can spring for a couple of them to match if not each than a greater part of your outfits.

Here are some demands I have for jewelry:

  • it should be stylish and a bit eccentric to draw the attention;
  • yet it should be done in good taste;
  • it should be ‘universal’ to match various styles;
  • it should look richy for me to wear it like something very precious.

Looking for such a thing in Tahari’s collection, I managed to come across even three of them! First, this is an Antonella Necklace of classic color combination black and gold. What I like in Tahari jewelry most of all, is an unexpected blend of absolutely unmatched materials like brass and silk. At first thought it seems meaningless, but the effect is striking! Just have a look and get impressed:

Tahari Antonella Necklace (more…)