Trio of Best Elie Tahari Dresses

Once you visit Elie Tahari oficial website you find there is a dress update. This can be essential for a lady who’s got an opportunity to wear a beatuful gown for an important event. Formal events are normally scarce like Christmas parties, weddings, some special meetings and all of them call for a formal dress. So if you know there’s a party to come soon, make sure you are ready for it.

Looking through the collection of dresses I picked three of them which I’m sure I would find a chance to wear. My main demand in choosing a right dress is how much skin it closes. I like when a dress covers all the right places so that during the party I would think rather how to make fun than how much bare skin I have. (more…)

T Tahari Dresses: Beautiful, Affordable, Comfortable!

Work, work and work all year round. Those are happy people who can spend the whole summer resting on the beach, sipping cold cola and relaxing. If this sounds more like a dream than a reality you are among 90% or more who have to go to the office whatever the season is.
If you are thinking about what to dress to your work place so that it can be cheap, fashionable, cozy but not a pair of jeans, you can pay attention to T Tahari dresses that quite affordable to have a couple of them in the wardrobe.
Some words about T Tahari brand ق€” this brand or better to say branch was launched in 2007 as a budget version of Tahari clothing. Budget doesn’t mean it’s shabby, it still features Elie Tahari sophisticated recognizable style but made of less expensive fabrics. Moreover, it seems if not all than a greater part of T Tahari dresses perfectly match an office everyday style. Here are only five of my favorite but you can find a great majority of them. When coupled witch certain accessories they can do as cocktail dresses too.

T Tahari Dakota Sky Print SheathT Tahari Dakota Sky Print Sheath Dress, $96.60 (sale) (more…)

Elie Tahari Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

When temperature falls down there is nothing better to keep you warm and cozy than a coat. The collection of coats Elie Tahari presented for the Fall/Winter 2014 is numerous. Of course it’s better see them than to describe but there’s nothing to stop me from admiring them in a written form, hold me tight! (more…)

Elie Tahari: His Life in 21 Q&As

Elie Tahari

Now when 40 years of experience is behind Elie Tahari’s back his name is a brand name. And now it’s a norm that every fashion journalist is hunting for an exclusive interview with a world-known fashion designer. But while most attention is paid to his prospects, I would like first to remind how he started.

Currently Elie Tahari is running a $500 million business but he started with only $100 in a pocket. He is an example of how American dream came true. Since his parents divorced Elie spent many years of his teen-life in orphanage in Israel. When he was 17 he immigrated to the USA with you already know how much money. It’s hard to believe but he was an electrician at that time and he turned to work in Manhattan’s Garment District. That introduced him into a fashion industry. Being in the right place at the right time he decided to try his own hand in making clothing. This is how his brand was born. At that time disco parties were very popular but not much dresses were available to satisfy the needs of party-goers. This was the niche chosen by Tahari. He began to make flirty dance dresses. His dresses had a huge success among women so that after only 3 years of his living in the States Elie Tahari opened his first boutique on Madison Avenue. In the 80’s he tried to predict what women would like before their even know and again he hit the mark!

These were tailored suits that were redefined a decade later. Year after year Elie Tahari managed to create the clothing so craved by women so that in celebration of 40th anniversary he has been honored with a personal day ق€“ September 4, 2013.
Well, it’s clear now why Elie Tarary is so sought-after by fashion lovers as well as fashion journalists these days. These questions & answers I came across at will help you find more about iconic fashion designer: (more…)

Let’s Go Party! Sequined Dresses by Elie Tahari

Even though winter is the coldest season among all, at least in America, it also the most dazzling one since this is the season of winter holidays. Any party is a nice chance to show off but winter one is normally associated with bright sparkles, strass and shimmer-glimmer ق€” the things I do love! So this made me to look for a sequin dress in Elie Tahari rich arsenal of cocktail dresses.

amelie leopard sequin dress

amelie leopard sequin dress

I spy with my little eye Amelie Leopard Sequin dress by Elie Tahari. It features all over sequin embellishment with slight leopard accents. As soft as silk it is and no wonder why it’s been sold out at Would I wear it on party? Absolutely! With a black clutch and a black thin belt to make it fit a night party. The price is more or less appropriate – $350.

If the price ain’t a problem at all, you can opt for Elie Tahari Keaton dress which apart of being pretty also cost a pretty sum of money – $598. This is a one shoulder dress, so if you’ve got lovely shoulders it will turn everybody’s attention at least to a left one. It’s less sparkling than Amelie dress so if you don’t like to be too shimmering and golden is more preferable then this is a nice option. This is it:

Black is a noble color for a cocktail dress, what do you think? Cover it with shimmering sequin and you are a star. In other words you should wear Black Lolly Lace & Sequin Sheath Dress to get the same success. Love its soft lines, short sleeves, up-to-knee length and simple design. Nothing extraordinary but there is hardly anyone to steal the scene but for its wearer. When on sale it cost only $175 bringing a high effect.

Want to shine glam and gold? There is nothing better than Elie Tahari Isla Sequined Sheath dress. It’s a flirty dress of a slinky silhouette for just $225 when on sale. Retail price is quite impressive ق€“ twice as much.


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