Fall Inspiration and Sale Prices from T Tahari Dresses

Though it’s fall season there’s a tendency that women start craving for floral or bright abstract prints, probably in anticipation of a coming spring. Or such dresses cheer up lady’s spirit. Or there are other personal reasons for that but in any event women looks great in dresses with lovely prints on them.

T Tahari brand is a part of Elie Tahari branch oriented for a wider range of customers. A pleasant peculiarity of a brand is lower cost per item, though each piece made with the same scrutiny and elegance as Elie Tahari’s does. So if you work in the office with lots of clients and you need to look great every day you can pack your wardrobe with multitude of costumes, blouses and dresses from T Tahari. Here are some of my favorite for this season that you might also like: (more…)

T Tahari Dresses: Beautiful, Affordable, Comfortable!

Work, work and work all year round. Those are happy people who can spend the whole summer resting on the beach, sipping cold cola and relaxing. If this sounds more like a dream than a reality you are among 90% or more who have to go to the office whatever the season is.
If you are thinking about what to dress to your work place so that it can be cheap, fashionable, cozy but not a pair of jeans, you can pay attention to T Tahari dresses that quite affordable to have a couple of them in the wardrobe.
Some words about T Tahari brand β€” this brand or better to say branch was launched in 2007 as a budget version of Tahari clothing. Budget doesn’t mean it’s shabby, it still features Elie Tahari sophisticated recognizable style but made of less expensive fabrics. Moreover, it seems if not all than a greater part of T Tahari dresses perfectly match an office everyday style. Here are only five of my favorite but you can find a great majority of them. When coupled witch certain accessories they can do as cocktail dresses too.

T Tahari Dakota Sky Print SheathT Tahari Dakota Sky Print Sheath Dress, $96.60 (sale) (more…)

Discussing Collar Styles of Elie Tahari Coats

When I was browsing over Elie Tahari outwear collection I noticed something I want to share with you. At first glance when I scrolled over the coats designed by Elie Tahari, say, at polyvore.com. my first impression was that all of them are of reserved strict style of a classic color palette preferably white, black, gray and beige. But once I started to separate one outfit from the other I found out what makes each of them unique, flavored with a dainty accent β€” a collar.

Elie Tahari uses a mix of collar styles in his coast. From eccentric down filled pillow collars to classic points. In between the styles are numerous and each coat can work perfectly for a certain (often even some) occasion. So the following are the collars I like most in Elie Tahari coats, just to name a few: (more…)

T Tahari Accessories Are to Complement T Tahari Dresses

Intentionally or not but my pre-last post was about T Tahari dresses where I mentioned their main plus – affordable price tags. With budget-friendly dressed it would be nice to have budget-friendly accessories like belts, handbags and clutches. Elie Tahari got the idea and is ready to offer the whole line for budget minded fashionistas.

The collection will debut in fall 2012 and feature shoulder bags, hobos, totes, clutches, wristlets and wallets. The color palette is great for this season: plum, navy and Tuscan red, all the shades seen in Elie Tahari fall collection. The material is leather, textured materials and snake prints, all in Elie Tahari style. Prices range from $198 to $328. Waiting waiting!

Color-blocking Viewed by Elie Tahari and Implemented in His Dresses

Fashion trends used to change rather quickly so that sometimes it’s really hard to follow them. But there are still timeless classics that always look beneficial – color-blocking! (more…)