Step Into Fall Elegantly!

ophelia dress frontFall is like the last warm step before cold winter but it doesn’t mean it should be dull and boring. To add some pops of color and elegance to it you can dress up brightly to underline beauty of yellow/burgundy/red leaves.

It’s really hard to find how Ophelia from Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” looked like but her name is normally associated with youth and beauty. Probably with that in mind Elie Tahari named one of his beautiful, extremely feminine and dainty dresses Ophelia Dress. This stunner is made of blue lace layed over a contrasting linght lining. The ham that is a bit longer than the lining is pleasantly flattering. A-line dresses looks good on nearly any body type. There’s a gentle fitted waist and a zip closure on the back. In fact, the dress is perfect not only to liven up fall days but to be worn during summer. Depending on what accessories you prefer to wear you can wear it anywhere: either to the office, or to a cocktail party.

ophelia dress back

To make your fall look finished there is a pair of fall-in-love-at-once Naila Bootie. They are absolutely amazing! A combination of suede, premium leather and mesh mix into luxury block style bootie. Back zip closure and stiletto heel will add to feminine silhouette. I dare say people will turn their heads once you pass by wearing this Elie Tahari dress and heels. Be a lady this fall, enjoy attracking attention. You deserve that!


How to Wear Peep Toe Booties?

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Peep toe booties can hardly be referred to fall shoes, they are mostly like sandals with perforations and open toes. They can be classic, of reserved style with open toes and high heels, as well as extravagant or even brutal with straps, cuts, of military style. Whatever they are, they definitely add some zest to your whole look and a pair of them is a must have in lady’s wardrobe.

Elie Tahari has a separate ‘shelf’ dedicated to ankle boots and peep toe pumps. He known what a lady likes. He has them in his every collection by the way, underlining they are must haves. Suede high-hills with open toes look gorgeous. Here are some of Elie Tahari peep toes I chose to my liking: (more…)

Elie Tahari Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

When temperature falls down there is nothing better to keep you warm and cozy than a coat. The collection of coats Elie Tahari presented for the Fall/Winter 2014 is numerous. Of course it’s better see them than to describe but there’s nothing to stop me from admiring them in a written form, hold me tight! (more…)

I’m Your Venus, I’m Your Fire at Your Desire

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I can’t think of anything else except this phrase from the song when I see these Elie Tahari incredible strap sandals/boots.

A goddess on a mountain top you will feel in a flowy dress coupled with these golden sandals. They are definitely powerful eye-catchers, so that they can stand alone sparkling gold. But if you want to have a balanced ensemble, pair them with a belt or large tribal necklace or clutch of a similar color.

Well, it seems I am not up to wear autumn outfits right now, I miss summer greatly.

Elie Tahari Pumps: Comfortable Shoes for Everyday Wear

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Chic, elegant and comfortable – these are the adjectives used by fashion lovers to describe Elie Tahari shoe. I’m the reader of and was pleased to discover that Erika is in love with Elie Tahari pumps and sandals. I’m sure Erika is one of the whole army of admirers of Elie Tahari outfits.

It’s useless to focus on Elie Tahari shoes Erika has as these are old models, but they still look great and up-to-day, so let’s better see what is in trend now. One of the main criteria of pump shoes is how long you can wear them. For example, Erika could wear them all day long, about 18 hours! It sounds great concerning the fact that we are not speaking about flats but high heels. But now there are the pumps you can wear from morning till night without being tired: Blaire pump ($328) to my mind is the perfect option for everyday occasion. One the one hand, they look strict and classic especially when in black color, but on the other the snake print on a platform and heel adds some chick flattering element. You can intensify the effect by combining them with a snake print clutch of the similar ornament. Well, the best thing I like about them is a timeless style, even in five years they will look fabulous. Aren’t they amazing?

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