Flirty Fringe

Fringe is the absolute fashion trend in 2015, which is used in both clothing and accessories. In fact, we used to see fringe on scarves, poncho and other outfits made in country, hippie and boho-chic styles but currently it migrates into an everyday fashion.

By the way, do you know the history of fringe? It was usual in costumes of native Americans aka Indians. They normally made it of soft leather, then cowboys borrowed that idea and used fringe in their attire. Later in 20s-30s of the 20th century fringe came back to fashion as a compensation for for lady’s short dresses. Now you can see it both on a floor-length dresses as well as on short tops.

Nearly every designer tried to apply fringe in his/her collection. Light, flowy, shimmering fringe used in dresses of Charleston era added much charm and luxury to a whole look. Designers of Marchesa and Badgley Mischka applied the same technique to their cocktail dresses. We can also see fringe on party dresses from Jil Sander and rock-style clothing from Jean Paul Gaultier. In Gucci’s sporty chic collection long fringe can be seen on bags and clutches. (more…)

Elie Tahari Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

When temperature falls down there is nothing better to keep you warm and cozy than a coat. The collection of coats Elie Tahari presented for the Fall/Winter 2014 is numerous. Of course it’s better see them than to describe but there’s nothing to stop me from admiring them in a written form, hold me tight! (more…)

Elie Tahari 40th Anniversary Celebration (Photos Inside)

Birthday event is a nice chance to recollect how it all started. When 40 years of fruitful and hard work is behind, surely there is much to tell about. So Elie Tahari, who has recently celebrated 40th anniversary of his brand, plunged into recollections and a bit of nostalgia about his first experience as a fashion designer. Why not to pay more attention to that?

Elie Tahari’s first collection was demonstrated in 1976 in Studio 54. That time flashy styles were trendy that is why he concentrated on bright disco dresses. As you can see, he didn’t go wrong. Now Elie Tahari can even boast a day named after him! This is really a great honor, it’s kind of a proof that once a young Israeli man lived up to fashionista’s and not only expectations. (more…)

Elie Tahari Fall 2013 Collection (Photos Inside)

New York Fashion Week is over but the impressions are fresh, emotions are overrated, outfits were indeed great! Seven days of paradise, flowy fabrics, luxury fur coats, incredible designs, high heels! I simply can’t stop recalling all those lovely collections I’ve seen. There were many of them and I think I can speak for hours about them but Elie Tahari is my prior concern, don’t forget about that.

So here it is!


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Day 3: Nautica Black Sail Collection for Fall 2013

While anticipating an upcoming Elie Tahari Fall 2013 Collection I couldn’t but watch collections of other designers (do not forget, there are 90 of them!) and unexpectedly Nautica Black Sail Collection caught my eye. Men are going to be beautiful (I know I should say handsome) this fall!

This was men’s collection of extremely comfortable, cozy, wearable and stylish, again stylish, clothing. Briefly about it. (more…)

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