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I have already written about ‘Emmy’ bag designed by a renowned fashion designer for – and together with – his best friend and celebrity Emmy Rossum. It seems Emmy is always happy to present this womanish tote at any event and most recently she was seen in New York City some days ago.

In token of her love for Elie Tahari’s stylish clothing alongside his trendy accessories, Emmy was wearing only Tahari that night. She picked up a stunning gold Elie Tahari Francesca metallic pleated skirt and Elie Tahari Neely knit tank from his Spring 2011 collection, probably to inspire the rest of the visitors for choosing the right style (wink). To complement her smart clothes, Emmy opted for Tahari Olympia peep-toes and gold statement necklace. It looks like it is Tahari Sandy brass chains necklace, but I’m not sure. If you have more information about it, let me know.

And one more feature about Emmy tote: a certain portion of funds made from the sale of the tote will be donated to ‘Safe Horizon’, a charity organization. I think it’s a nice idea, that also teases the customers for making a purchase.

Spring is … Orange!

Yeah, orange is in fashion this season and luxury designers seem to through off everything is dark, it concerns both clothes and crisis. Actually, the orange is not the sole trendy color, there is a rich palette of them. This season women are recommended to fill up their wardrobes with outfits of iris, viola, geranium, poppy and daffodil colors (named after flowers, probably, to keep you closer to the season), in brief, the ones bringing uplifting and exciting spring/summer cheer. If you think these colors are not enough bright for you, then you can opt for one from the tropical collection: solar, orange, uninhibited green, all tints of red from light pink to deep purple, brown and deep blue. (more…)

Elie Tahari Accessories at CIRCA Lounge

CIRCA lounge 2011

Elie Tahari, known for his womanish elegant clothes, is also appreciated for his stunning accessories that have been recently showcased by CIRCA lounge. Yeah, you are right, the same CIRCA that buys the previously owned fine jewelry. CIRCA lounge was open during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and featured designs of world-known fashion designers: Dennis Basso, Tory Burch, Vera Wang, Elie Tahari and some others. The outfits were not old or used, on the contrary, this was the collection of fall 2011 accessories, so there was a possibility to have a sneak peek at what we are going to expect this fall.

The organizers of the CIRCA event were Chris Del Gatto – what CIRCA show is without its chief executive officer – and IMG fashion consultant Stephanie Winston. They both decided to start the lounge by highlightning pieces from private collection of CIRCA, impressive as usual. (more…)

Elie Tahari & Emmy Rossum “Emmy” Tote

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tahari_rossum emmy tote

Hey! Have you heard the news? There is a huge stir around Elie Tahari’s new handbag – “Emmy” Bucket bag. Actually, this bag is the result of collaboration between a renowned designer and a pop diva Emmy Rossum. For those who don’t know yet, Rossum is a great wearer of Elie Tahari’s trendy clothes and they are just good friends. So, considering their friendship and Emmy’s demands for the best-ever bag, they designed something new and fashionable. (more…)

Elie Tahari Beverly Tote: a Trendy Carryall

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The extremely popular designer Elie Tahari introduces the kind of a universal woman bag that will serve you right on your working day and be fashionable enough for you to indulge in the entertainments of the evening. This Beverly tote all-carry bag is a must-have for a young stylish woman, indeed!

Its woven texture associates with this Matelasse finish on the trendy Miu Miu bags of the last year’s collection, but, due to its dark denim material, it’s slightly less pompous. But it is not completely casual because of its aristocratic deep indigo shade – such color will be just right both on a business meeting, on a dinner in some mid-range restaurant, or in a club. (more…)

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