Flirty Fringe

Fringe is the absolute fashion trend in 2015, which is used in both clothing and accessories. In fact, we used to see fringe on scarves, poncho and other outfits made in country, hippie and boho-chic styles but currently it migrates into an everyday fashion.

By the way, do you know the history of fringe? It was usual in costumes of native Americans aka Indians. They normally made it of soft leather, then cowboys borrowed that idea and used fringe in their attire. Later in 20s-30s of the 20th century fringe came back to fashion as a compensation for for lady’s short dresses. Now you can see it both on a floor-length dresses as well as on short tops.

Nearly every designer tried to apply fringe in his/her collection. Light, flowy, shimmering fringe used in dresses of Charleston era added much charm and luxury to a whole look. Designers of Marchesa and Badgley Mischka applied the same technique to their cocktail dresses. We can also see fringe on party dresses from Jil Sander and rock-style clothing from Jean Paul Gaultier. In Gucci’s sporty chic collection long fringe can be seen on bags and clutches. (more…)

Elie Tahari Private Sale

On November 2, Elie Tahari Private Sale launched! Breaking all standards, the products on half-year sale are not those with little size options left. Even though you have about two months left till Christmas time, but it’s just a nice opportunity to create holiday atmosphere right now by choosing an attire for the party. You are offered a customer-friendly discount ق€“ 40% off. The outfits for sale include clothing and accessories.


Animal Prints Implemented in Elie Tahari Outfits

Animal prints can be seen in nearly each collection of various designers and though they can be hardly referred to wardrobe essentials but they are really the staple this year. Elie Tahari knows a lot about animal prints!

floral animal printed elie tahari skirt


Elie Tahari iPhone Application

No need to say what mobile phones were created for ق€“ communication, when you can always be in touch with your nearest and dearest wherever you are. But with an era of internet mobile phones seem to attain additional functions so that you can tweet on your way to work or exchange emails with your friend, what you can also do is … online shopping! (more…)

Big Price off Some Elie Tahari Outfits

Sales is what really makes me happy. Known brands like Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Alberta Ferretti, Nina Ricci and others seem to offer high-quality, exceptional clothings but at frankly speaking high price. Unfortunately Elie Tahari is often in that list also. Also but not always though! (more…)

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