Elie Tahari: Creating Not-So-Basic Basics

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Forty years is a respectable age for a fashion brand and a milestone to celebrate it in a luxurious way. But shining gloss of superfine fabrics, delicate lace and brilliance of tinsels do not fit Elie Tahari taste and style. He treats luxury this own ‘basic’ way.

I’ve already mentioned that Elie Tahari decided to augment the assortment of products offered alongside the variety of styles. It seems the celebration of 40th anniversary is only the beginning of something great and the whole year is going to be full of pleasant surprises. First off, the Israeli designer will debut his own eyewear collection he had been thinking about long before. Then he promises to introduce men’s capsule collection, that is the best-selling items of all time. Tahari hasn’t omitted legs making them warm and comfortable with his new legwear collection that is to be launched very soon. Inspired by all that Tahari will also make underwear collection for men soon: boxers and brief boxers to men’s choice. (more…)

Elie Tahari … Bicycle?

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Elie Tahari Brooklyn Cruiser

As you can see from the previous posts (about Elie Tahari legwear and eyewear collections), Elie Tahari is working hard on widening his realm of activity/creativity. The strategy a guru designer uses is undertaking a task he’d never taken before. But while previously it was clothing, accessories and anything related with fashion, this time it’s rather a means of transportation than an outfit, however a fashionable one I must admit. (more…)

Elie Tahari Eyewear Collection to Come Soon

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It seems Elie Tahari gets thrilled with new ideas and experiments where he can implement all his talent and fantasy. Little time passed since an Israeli designer announced his prospects over a new sphere where he is to try his hands on; as a result we are to expect a gorgeous collection of legwear with a label of Elie Tahari on them.

Now there is a cause for another gasp of excitement – meet Elie Tahari eyewear collection! In a partnership with Colors in Optics Ltd. he is ready to unveil a full set of frames for men and women as a part of his spring collection 2014. There is no information yet about the shapes and colors Tahari gives preference to, so it’s going to be a pleasant surprise for fashion mongers, what can’t be said about the price which is pleasantly affordable – from $150 to $250. It looks like this is going to be a hot spring next year!

Dress Your Legs Up in Elie Tahari Legwear in 2014


Just another category is added to the Elie Tahari brand – meet legwear! By the way, Elie Tahari has announced about him launching an eyewear collection for spring 2014. Once there are spy shots, I’ll add them to the blog. But now come back to pretty leg or to what will make them pretty.

Elie Tahari decided to give women’s and men’s leg a lavish touch full of dainty prints made on luxury yarn. Cozy, lightweight and incredibly beautiful items for the new collection are to attract everybody’s attention to your legs. Are you ready for catwalking? (more…)

Elie Tahari Private Sale

On November 2, Elie Tahari Private Sale launched! Breaking all standards, the products on half-year sale are not those with little size options left. Even though you have about two months left till Christmas time, but it’s just a nice opportunity to create holiday atmosphere right now by choosing an attire for the party. You are offered a customer-friendly discount – 40% off. The outfits for sale include clothing and accessories.


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