Flirty Fringe

Fringe is the absolute fashion trend in 2015, which is used in both clothing and accessories. In fact, we used to see fringe on scarves, poncho and other outfits made in country, hippie and boho-chic styles but currently it migrates into an everyday fashion.

By the way, do you know the history of fringe? It was usual in costumes of native Americans aka Indians. They normally made it of soft leather, then cowboys borrowed that idea and used fringe in their attire. Later in 20s-30s of the 20th century fringe came back to fashion as a compensation for for lady’s short dresses. Now you can see it both on a floor-length dresses as well as on short tops.

Nearly every designer tried to apply fringe in his/her collection. Light, flowy, shimmering fringe used in dresses of Charleston era added much charm and luxury to a whole look. Designers of Marchesa and Badgley Mischka applied the same technique to their cocktail dresses. We can also see fringe on party dresses from Jil Sander and rock-style clothing from Jean Paul Gaultier. In Gucci’s sporty chic collection long fringe can be seen on bags and clutches. (more…)

Fabulous Elie Tahari Spring/Summer Collection 2015

After I enjoyed viewing Elie Tahari Spring/Summer 2015 Collection the feeling of deja vu didn’t leave me. The idea to have his models stand against a season-matching background β€” this is what Elie Tahari used for the second time but each time it looks fresh and classy (here’s how he used the benefits of entourage of his Fall/Winter 2014 Collection).

It’s hard to guess who inspired Elie Tahari on using wooden pallets for a background but they amazingly underline the atmosphere of an upcoming season and the beauty of the outfits. So briefly about the collection: (more…)

Elie Tahari’s Ideas Come to Life

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Ilana sunglassesI’ve mentioned already about Elie Tahari’s intention to launch the eyewear collection at affordable prices as well as the legwear pieces that would be as soft as silk. Elie Tahari stood to promise!

Let’s first focus on sunglasses. They are lovely! The color scheme for the rim is quite rich taking into account that the whole eyewear collection is not as large (like in Ray Ban, for instance). In any event I would love to try Ilana oversized glasses. They are the mixture of contrasts: rounded fogged rims of light blue/gray color and black frames with metal Elie Tahari logo on them. Definitely made for a wow effect. I wouldn’t say they match any style, they won’t. But if you try them on and find they fit you, they will definitely complement your look! There are also glasses with cat eye rims with violet glass and oversized cat eye-styled glasses framed in a bright poppy red rim with leopard frames. One for a movie star I guess. (more…)

Flowy Scarves: Flattering Spring/Summer Accessories from Elie Tahari

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If you want to get a playful summer look – opt for a scarf. If you want to add some specific zest to your summer look – opt for a scarf. If you want to get a stylish yet not too strict look – opt for a scarf. This summer you are to play with scarves, it’s a trend!

Accessories are meant to complement your outfit but at the same time not to compete with it. Sometimes its hard to find a balance between these two but it can be quite interesting to juggle with a couple of scarves to see how they can change your entire style. There are some ‘scarf’s’ trends for this summer for you to experiment: (more…)

Elie Tahari Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

When temperature falls down there is nothing better to keep you warm and cozy than a coat. The collection of coats Elie Tahari presented for the Fall/Winter 2014 is numerous. Of course it’s better see them than to describe but there’s nothing to stop me from admiring them in a written form, hold me tight! (more…)

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